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  • Hello Stussy, I am A Model,Photographer and Urban Explorer, I am not the vandal type and I purely visit derelict buildings in interest of their history only, and to capture amazing pictures both myself and with myself in them, I have currently worked on a gender division project in severalls asylum in Colchester, I have been exploring the 300 acres for 5 years and I still have the tunnels to explore, although serenity hospital as it's supposedly called is a must on my bucket list, although I understand the location of this hospital is kept underwraps, and for good reason, as a fellow explorer are you able to give me a direction or town city this hospital is based in, I know-its on the south of england, I feel coming here can benefit my modelling/ photography portfolio massively, and I solemly swear to keep the location details to myself, many thanks Jadestacymaria

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