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  1. Tinnitus Doll

    Thermoelectric factory, March 2017

    Hi! I want to show you one huge factory. This factory made a lot of stuff, from preparing ore for further usage to papers for wraping ready products. Opened in 1949 it was abandoned completely just maybe one year ago. In administrative part they still have guards and dogs but we were...
  2. Tinnitus Doll

    Fireproof bricks' factory, October 2016

    Good day mates! I have some new material for you. Some weeks ago we visited the factory that made fireproof bricks.  The history of this factory started after the war but the factory grew more and more. The production process stopped in April 2015. Now the factory still has guards and a lot...
  3. Tinnitus Doll

    Armour factory, Budapest. May 2016.

    Hi everyone! This is one of the factories that we visited in Budapest.   Armour factory was built in 1891. It made guns and small machine guns. They tested them on the same territory. During the WWT and after the factory produced many different things except weapon, lamps, gas-heating...
  4. Tinnitus Doll

    Chemical factory, Budapest 2016.

    Hi! From me today a piece of Hungarian chemistry.   The chemical plant was built originally in 1876, produced and produces now a lot of types of organic and non-organic materials, industrial and service chemicals (chlor and hydrochloric acid, bleaches, clues, many pesticides). From 1968 to...
  5. Tinnitus Doll

    Skadarlija brewery, Belgrade, March 2016.

    Hi mates! Today I have for you some photos from one abandoned brewery in Belgrade. At first photos from the roof.       Inside the buildings there is nothing interesting but the basement is awesome and very big.             Actually we went there for making some art...
  6. Tinnitus Doll

    Facanos complex, Hungary 2016

    Hi everyone! I didn't write anything for a lot of time and now I have a lot of information for you:) Today I want to tell about my journey to Hungary during which we visited a lot of cool places. One of these places is Facanos complex in Budapest. The complex of buildings as known as Fasanos...
  7. Tinnitus Doll

    Belgium HFB - December 2015

    Brilliant pics and place!
  8. Tinnitus Doll

    Magnesite mine, Jan 2016

    Thank you all! I'm glad you appriciated my photos!  :)
  9. Tinnitus Doll

    Magnesite mine, Jan 2016

    Hi mates! I wasn't there for a long time. The beginniing of 2016 was really rich with explorations. And one of the places was a working magnesite mine in Chelyabinsk region.     I was there two times but this time we managed to reach the lowest horizont on minus 320 meters.      ...
  10. Tinnitus Doll

    Old brewery in Pancevo, Oct.2015

    Hi mates! One more Serbian factory for you now. The brewery was founded in 1722, it's the oldest brewery in Balkans. In 1874 it came to Weifert family from Germany. The factory was rebuilt and it was the golden age for it. In 1948 the factory was called a cultural monument. Now it stays...
  11. Tinnitus Doll

    Tyre factory, Oct 2015

    Hi! One more report from Serbia for you! Today from abandoned tyre factory. It's still guarded but the owner of the factory doesn't care of buildings. In the end of this year by project there will be a mall. That's all for today but not for Serbia:)
  12. Tinnitus Doll

    Underground Belgrade, Oct 2015

    Thanks! There were much more toys there, a bit scary:)
  13. Tinnitus Doll

    Underground Belgrade, Oct 2015

    Hi! There're some underground Serbian places for you. 1. Non-touristic part of Belgrade fortress. 2. The old tunnel used as a gunpowder storage. 2. The shelter where in WWII a jewish family hid. Way to the house above. 3. Small military tunnel. 4. Bunker with two fire...
  14. Tinnitus Doll

    Old foundry in Serbia, October 2015.

    Hi! Some days ago I went back from Serbia. I didn't find here any repopts from that country, so I'll give you some information about abandoned places from there. The first place is the best maybe from the whole trip. It's an abandoned foundry. One part of it is easy to pass and not so...
  15. Tinnitus Doll

    Abandoned city of Milovice, Sep 2014.

    Hi! A year ago I was in Czech republic and visited Milovice. Why do we know this town? At first, here parts of popular films "Hostel" and "Eurotour" were shot. And at second, what's more important, Milovice was a place where Soviet military base was situated. After the Second World War the...