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Recent content by trav

  1. trav

    Plastmo Profiles LTD - Northampton - Mar 2016

    I noticed Google Maps satellite view on the PC has updated and is really recent(within 6 months)for where I live, Northampton. So I spent a while scanning the industrial estates to find any factories that looked disused or really tatty and straight away I found this place, Plastmo Profiles LTD. ...
  2. trav

    Butser Hill Lime Works

    Some History Butser Hill Lime Works is a quarry site near Buriton in Hapmshire with old diggers, tractors, trucks and half crushed cars dotted about, a shed that looks like it was used as a garage and an old house that has been gutted and is ready to fall down. The only history I could find on...
  3. trav

    Cwm Coke Works, Beddau - Feb 2016

    Some history The Great Western Colliery Co. began sinking Cwm colliey in 1909 with the first coal being produced in 1914. The two shafts Margaret(upcast) and Mildred (downcast ) were each about 750 yards deep. In 1918 there were 603 men employed. From a list 1923, there were 1,043 men employed...
  4. trav

    Great Britain Oakhurst House, Ambergate - Jan 2016

    Yeah, it was such a buzz kill peering in through the windows. From how the outside looks, I thought we were in for a treat.  The bath...too cold to stay in, too cold to get out! 
  5. trav

    Great Britain Oakhurst House, Ambergate - Jan 2016

    I originally found this while I was exploring on Google Earth, someone had taken a picture in 2013, then I found out about the wireworks site close by so thought I'd take a look. The house was originally built by the Hurt family in 1846 or 1848? for the daughters of Francis Hurt although they...
  6. trav

    Great Britain House nr Ambergate Wireworks - Jan 2016

    Went exploring the old wireworks site in Ambergate. Before getting to the factories we passed this. It is below Oakhurst, the old mock Tudor house and on the same level as the factories.  It looks like it may have been a boarding house or some sort of lodging house. We were really short on time...
  7. trav

    DOJI Restaurant, Stretton - August 2015

    Could only find a little history. Disused GOJI Chinese restaurant, which was originally called The Dun Cow pub and also became well known as Crazy Daisy's, was ravaged by fire in May 2011 after being stood empty since 2009.  Went here in August but was using the SD Card for Ready Boost and...
  8. trav

    Hartwood Hospital Nurses Home - Oct 2015

    Found this looking for Hartwood Hospital in Scotland. Some history from Wikipedia "The remains of Hartwood Hospital, a 19th-century psychiatric hospital with imposing twin clock towers, are the main feature of the village, even after its closure under the direction of the Lanarkshire Health...
  9. trav

    Moreton-In-Marsh Cottage Hospital - Aug 2015

    Some History Founded in 1873 as Moreton-In-Marsh Cottage Hospital. Extensions were built in 1935. The hospital became part of the NHS in 1948 under Banbury and District Hospital Management Committee. Subsequently responsibility passed to Cheltenham District Health Authority in 1974, Cheltenham...
  10. trav

    Anything worth exploring down St Ives, Cornwall way??

    When I'm in Wales I'm free for the whole weekend so I'll just drive around the back roads and mountain roads, looking for old tracks to venture up or places to visit in the future...But I'm not going to have this much free time in Cornwall, it's mainly a holiday...but come 11pm when everyone's...
  11. trav

    St Crispins - Northants - Mar 2015

    Some History St Crispins was a large psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Duston village in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England. It was established in 1876 as the Berrywood Asylum and closed in 1995. Its grounds and the surrounding area include a new psychiatric hospital, residential...
  12. trav

    Mid Wales Hospital - Talgarth - Feb 2015

    Some History The hospital, or Brecon and Radnor Asylum as it was first called, was officially opened on 22nd February 1903. This consisted of the main building (12 wards 6 male and 6 female), Isolation Ward and Farm Ward; and cost £128,710.12.8d. The two female wards East 7 and 8 were added...
  13. trav

    Ystrad Einion Mine - Wales - Feb 2015

    The pink wellies are becoming quite popular....I might have to make them a permanent addition to the exploring kit!!
  14. trav

    Overstone Hall - Northants - Jan 2015

    Some History Grade II-listed Overstone Hall/House, on the outskirts of Northampton, has stood as a part ruin after it was largely gutted by a fire, which broke out on April 16, 2001. Overstone Hall was designed in 1860 for Lord and Lady Overstone by William Milford Teulon but it took so long to...
  15. trav

    Ystrad Einion Mine - Wales - Feb 2015

    Some History Ystrad Einion lead-silver, zinc and copper mine is one of the most northerly metal mines in Ceredigion, situated in the heart of Cwm Einion. Mining had been carried out here in a small way since the 18th century, but the main period of activity came in the final decades of the 19th...