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Recent content by Urbexbandoned

  1. Urbexbandoned

    Great Britain Lostock Power Station (Feb 2020)

    Despite you getting there ‘late’ I think it looks better than when I went! I loved the place, your set really does it justice mate. Hope your well :)
  2. Urbexbandoned

    Italy Teatro tenda rossa... - [07/2k18]

    Love this! Very beautiful place and pics are awesome! :comp
  3. Urbexbandoned

    Italy La Bertagnetta of Vercelli (Ospedale Pneumologia) - Italy - July 2019

    Shame about the state of it but agreed that the slab was worth it! I do like a bit of porcelain porn!
  4. Urbexbandoned


    That’s nice that! Do like those fridges with the little viewing window, kinda makes me think they are expecting them to wake up :ROFLMAO: cool write up too. Nice to read such an in depth description of the place (y)
  5. Urbexbandoned

    Belgium Laundry Day august 2017

    I love that pic of the old washing line and the windowsill of dead plants. Really photogenic!
  6. Urbexbandoned

    Great Britain Charlottes Place

    Some really lovely bits left there and has that feeling of old to it. Looks like someone has let it fall in to disrepair and just left. I’m sure the circumstances are more sad than that though. I love the old artifices, sugar looks edible though 😊
  7. Urbexbandoned

    Great Britain Castle Morgue, Kent, May/August 2019

    I love that slab! The fridges remind me of some in NI too. I do like the smaller mortuary’s. nice little report mate (y)
  8. Urbexbandoned

    Great Britain Dover Magistrates Court March 2019

    At least you ticked it off. Nice set though 😊
  9. Urbexbandoned

    Great Britain RAE Bedford May 2019

    Nice first post! Nice to see this pop up again, did you try the other buildings or just this one? Lots more pigeon crap now but I’m loving how peely it’s got 😊
  10. Urbexbandoned

    France La Morgue Prélude - France, June 2018

    You’ve done a smashing job! Love how this is still so clean. History was nice to read too :) :comp
  11. Urbexbandoned

    USA Pastel Surgical Building - USA - March 2019

    Awesome report! You can see the yellowness you mention from the lights. I think it’s kinda atmospheric. Really like this place! :comp
  12. Urbexbandoned

    Hungary Kelenföld Control Room - March 2019

    I never get bored of seeing this place! Ace shots too Miss. So photogenic! 
  13. Urbexbandoned

    France Sanitarium Delirium - France - October 2018

    TV’s always shit mate! Some real nice pics there too :)  
  14. Urbexbandoned

    Italy Manicomio Di R

    Really nice photos! Love the first one. This place is so nice. Tainted history though by the sounds of it. Thanks for posting :thumb :comp:
  15. Urbexbandoned

    Great Britain Whitchurch Hospital 2019

    This place just gets better as time goes on. Decaying nicely. Pics are great, :)  love those showers. Not something you see everyday.  :comp: