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Recent content by Vancolen Kevin

  1. Vancolen Kevin

    Germany Terrecotta Army (visit march '19)

    it's a horse :)  
  2. Vancolen Kevin

    Germany Terrecotta Army (visit march '19)

    A strange place, fake as f*** , but awesome to see and wander around 
  3. Vancolen Kevin

    Belgium Cemetery of the cuddly toys - 03.2019

    what a mood in those pictures, awesome !!
  4. Vancolen Kevin

    Belgium Plane in the woods visited feb 2019

    Just a small plane in a forest 
  5. Vancolen Kevin

    Germany Cinema

    looks cool man!
  6. Vancolen Kevin

    Georgia Big abandoned bottle factory [Georgia]

    I had an awesome time here, it's a huge abandoned factory It's still guarded, but easy to visit .. I've spend a lot of time inside and a local person also told us about the history of the place. His family didn't have any hot water, so when he was a child , his mother used to take him to the...
  7. Vancolen Kevin

    Belgium Small underground explore

    Very small undeground explore 
  8. Vancolen Kevin

    Belgium Abandoned Mine

    A few shots made in an abandoned mine , the first part of the mine was partially collapsed  It was dangerous, but never the less we continued exploring it , untill we came in a tunnel which was partially floaded, I really need to return with special clothing and go through the water , maybe...
  9. Vancolen Kevin

    Belgium Lockdown 2016

    thanks guys :) :) :)
  10. Vancolen Kevin

    Belgium Lockdown 2016

    I saw this hospital appear online and the dude that uploaded it  wasn't smart. So i started looking for it and found within 10 minutes. So the day after I headed over to the hospital when I arrived I started tot understand why the guy called it 'lockdown' , the place was boarded up. We ended...
  11. Vancolen Kevin

    Belgium Farm 1873

    Again an accidental find, we were on our way to another location and spotted this. I first visited the location I came for , then on the way home stopped to see if that place was actually a derp :) ANd it was , it was rather empty but you know, i found myself , i had to make some shots ...
  12. Vancolen Kevin

    Belgium Spider Cottage

    Found this place also by accident, I was cruising home and spotted this, entrance was easy . But inside was less fun, the place was filled with cobwebs my head my clothing everything had cobwebs on it :( So I used my tripod as a clearance stick :)  I call it Spider Cottage ... :p Spider...
  13. Vancolen Kevin

    Belgium Abandoned factory GL

    Today I'll show you a nice industrial explore. We found this place by accident when actually looking for something else, we arrived at the gate didn't see movement or people, so enough reason to explore it :) We quickly parked and went in , only to discover security was parked on the terrain...