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  1. Viktorija

    Cultural house in Lithuania

    Cultural house. Concert hall scene. Paintings of the 1976 cultural house concert hall walls in Lithuania.   #loveurbex 
  2. Viktorija

    Which phone would be the best for taking pictures?

    Hello :)  . I wanted to ask you, I will buy a new phone and I don't know which would be the best for taking pictures in abandoned places. What about Huawi P20 pro? Camera - 40MP. Today I have camera with 24MP ?. Thank so much for help!
  3. Viktorija

    Lithuania, abandoned barn

    The barn has been abandoned since 1994. The barn has been in existence for 80 years  :)
  4. Viktorija

    France Feste Prinz Regent Luitpold, France - 2017

    Wooww, awesome :)  ❤️
  5. Viktorija

    Abandoned shop

    Since 1961, a one-room grocery store has been operating in the countryside. In the other part of the building lived the shop owners. Later, the store belonged to other people, until 1992, when it left the Russian government, it was closed because it no longer met the requirements of the store...
  6. Viktorija

    "Forgotten time"

    Hello everyone :)  ! Nice to join in this group. I want to share my page in instagram with you - laiko_pamirsti  I am "new" explorer from Lithuania ❤️. I really enjoy urban exploration :)