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    France Chapelle des Pelotes - France - April 2017

    Wahoo ! What a great place ! :)
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    France TéGéWé - 08/2013

    Sure ! Even more of them... Thanks Lara !   Thanks Hamtagger !
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    France TéGéWé - 08/2013

    Thanks Andy ;) I didn't had the time to visit the old trains...
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    France TéGéWé - 08/2013

    My hometown is very particular. It's not a big city and its kind of lost between bigger ones.   But at least, we have a famous car race who happens every year here.  :) ... and a giant train depot ! "TGV (French: Train à Grande Vitesse, "high-speed train") is France's intercity high-speed...
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    France Chateau Poseidon - May 2015

    This place is really close to me. But it seems to be locked with an alarm.
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    Germany CCCP Flightschool - Sept 2015

    Looks great ! Well done !
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    Multisala, July 2016

      This big complex closed down in 2006, with almost 3500 seats in 15 différents cinema room. Now it's a 21,515 square meters ghost town. The building is in poor condition. The business was managed by a Chinese billionaire. But he had some troubles with the justice and has few years in jail...
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    France Hotel (Hair)Dryer

    It's always a great experience for an explorer like us, to visit places that we previously knew.   This hotel is not really far away from where i live. When i was young, we usually went here on the lasts sundays of autumn for a walk... Surroundings are really beautiful and this small town is...
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    Belgium Villa Spar, 2013

    Sadly... Maybe if you search something on the other reports.   
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    France Physique ou Chimie, May 16'

    Thanks a lot ! Will do the same for the future posts.    Thanks a lot! 
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    Belgium Villa Spar, 2013

    Always the same with the residential stuff... Really hard to get informations about it.   My pleasure :) ! I love this place.
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    France Hospital Batman, France - May 16'

    I think its because of the bats inside the building... Not sure about it.   I was here a bit too late... It's really a small one...   Give me a shout when you are in France ;)
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    France Physique ou Chimie, May 16'

    Yes, still so much things to explore inside... Thanks Urbexbandoned !
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    Haus Des Pfarrers, behind the mystery !

    Maybe you remember about this villa (2013 - 2014) in Belgium. I'm pretty sure you saw pics with the "skeleton skull". (Source : Ok, so the place is pretty messy When we visited it. The neightborhood was very suspicious about urbexers. I barely knew the context...
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    Belgium Villa Spar, 2013

    Villa Spar is a modern architecture abandoned villa. Contemporary design and minimalist elements found here. Mix of wood, glass, stone and marble in a rather empty spot with an amazing swimming pool and an imposing living room !   The pictures are taken from two different visits, in the same...