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Recent content by yonaguni

  1. yonaguni

    USA Haunted Old Farmhouse

    Had my eye on this place for some time..very roomy inside found in momouth county nj love the blue curtians some craftmanship on that staircase very old stuff wonder where they got that sign upstairs is where all the action was in this room the ghost seem to dwell caught all the...
  2. yonaguni

    USA Ghost of the Brownstone

    Found on Quarry rd newtown pa..its an old 18th century converted into a home thats now abadnoned Found in Newtown PA an 18th century Inn converted to a home thats now abandoned this was the main room of the inn the Lovley fireplace hand painted whats with the candles whats...
  3. yonaguni

    USA The Old Inn

    Found off swamp rd newtown pa near hanson gravel pits Very creepy very old Someone kept exotic pets likely lizards on the 2nd floor the pink room best room in the place decaying art not a place to ware sandals takes skill to walk into a room with a bees nest and ot get...
  4. yonaguni

    USA A Doctor's House

    I ve past this house for years.always had a car in drive way..then months ago no more car...i went to take a look.....the back dor had a latch i opened the latch and the whole door came off..big heavy door almost crushed me...well im in..i thought The door to the left lead to the
  5. yonaguni

    USA The Black Farm

    The Black Family farm were built in the 18th century...while exploring a member of the black family caught me....he was a nice old guy gave me the history of the place..we went back to his house(across the street and chatted awhile... Juily sells for 40$..i should have...
  6. yonaguni

    The Crying Grave

    The Crying Grave of Westfield NJ USA...It belongs to the Hamm Family and its called the Resurection also says when this angel sounds its trumpet the dead shall rise.. It looks like its crying The Same cemetary...
  7. yonaguni

    USA The House With the Indian Painting

    photos are working at least on my end...i should have taken that painting...
  8. yonaguni

    USA The House With the Indian Painting

    A very old farm house early 1800's id was or sale what i found in here was unlike anything id every found before A large roomy house thats an old piano.. This was the 1stof a few finds..the painting was bolted to the wall...seemed hard to remove without destroying it...
  9. yonaguni

    USA The Creepy Doll House

    i found a nearby grave that showed the grave of a 10yr old girl who died in 1970.nothing about a son.....same name as the lady who lived says  the woman died in 2006...her house must have been empty for 10 years
  10. yonaguni

    USA The Creepy Doll House

    have someone watch it with you.see if they hear them....the voices are very clear...a man saying judith sounds as clear as anything
  11. yonaguni

    USA The Creepy Doll House

    this house always gave me the creeps as i drove by..then i noticed it was abadoned...I asked around and found out A Mrs Coffee live there..known as the town meanie..she had a hard life..her only son was killed in a car accident..her husband committed sucide..she had a daughter but noone knew...
  12. yonaguni

    USA The Doctors House

    When i was a kid this was known as Crazy Marys house...The rumor was she froze to death but had pleanty of money to put the heat wasent true..she was a mean old lady for sure who scared the crap out of me screeching at me when i walked by..Her Husband was a doctor and who killed...
  13. yonaguni

    The last days of Congoleum

    The Congoleum factory in hamilton nj or as its used too look..its rubble now The statues are from the nearby grounds for sculpture.. I wasent the 1st person in to explore parts of it were in ptich dark... ghost of the past i guess this help factory workers dream of...
  14. yonaguni

    Great Britain The Junkmans house

    this house always interested me..the yard was filled with junk..old cars..and other gave the appearence of being abandoned but someone clearly lived there the area became prime real estate..mcmansions went up and taxes went up..i knew this houses wouldent last....i went by and saw it...