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  1. Ghost

    Great Britain Rutland College - June 2013 (Very picture Heavy)

    Nah mate, it was pitch black and I was alone, didn't want bounce off or go through it !!!
  2. Ghost

    Great Britain Rutland College - June 2013 (Very picture Heavy)

    This was one i did a few months ago and in fact was the last before taking an enforced sabatical. I originally was going to another site with my regular partner (not in a gay way !) but at the last minute I was solo and decided to check this cracking place out and glad that i did. It made for...
  3. Ghost

    Return to Exploring

    Coming back to exploring after an enforced sabbatical in a couple of weeks and would like to team up with some regular buddies, located in the cambridge/suffolk/Essex area for exploring, I am not an exploring 'virgin' so not as clumsy as i was !! PM if interested Steve
  4. Ghost

    The Trinity Foot Public House - Cambridgeshire - April 2013

    This again is another pub that has fallen foul of the recession and closed around 2008, It is named after the local fox hunt. Its last use was as a upmarket Thai-restaurant-cum-pub which failed fairly quickly. I have had this on the radar for a while and decided to give it a try yesterday. The...
  5. Ghost

    GB Electronics - Brimscombe, Glos - April 2013

    Been working away this week and came across this whilst walking, no history but was better than nothing, not sure why there was a piano in a factory or all the other stuff, place was pretty wrecked but after 2 failures anything would suffice !!
  6. Ghost

    Disused Industrial Site,Essex - April 2013

    I actually visited this place thinking it was just the one building at the front but was surprised to find that there was loads at the back ! made for a good couple of hours wander round and I still didn't cover the whole site as there looks like more newer building close by are now disused ...
  7. Ghost

    Old Warden Tunnel - Bedfordshire - April 2013

    Cars were just sort of there ! There are ditches now so u can't drive up to it now
  8. Ghost

    Old Warden Tunnel - Bedfordshire - April 2013

    Thanks Shush, only a little bit cheating !
  9. Ghost

    Old Warden Tunnel - Bedfordshire - April 2013

    Visited today with my daughter, my first 'underground, for me as not done a tunnel before and found it most enjoyable despite my claustrophobia , was longer than I thought and decent Torches are the next purchase for me now !! A bit of history from a signpost and a few more pictures (not...
  10. Ghost

    Weeping Willow House - Hertfordshire 2013

    This is a sad little house with a sad history of loneliness and death in a fire, it is of no great size but contains the remnants of a life and is now gradually being overgrown by nature with an unclear future.
  11. Ghost

    Great Britain Dover Explore - March 2013

    Cracking stuff there, look an impressive trip
  12. Ghost

    Pig Research Centre, Bedfordshire - March 2013

    Well here is my first report on the site so please be gentle !! Wasn't sure what to expect with this it was either going to be a fail or a quick mooch round a yard but how wrong I was ! Was there for several hours and the place is a lot bigger than it looks and relatively untouched, it made...
  13. Ghost

    Hello There

    Hello All, Thanks for accepting my application, 40 something explorer from the east here, look forward to seeing your explores and sharing some of my own..