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  1. Obscurity

    Belgium SM Steel Work and Foundry - March 2016

      While on a euro derp trip with Starlight to tick off some of the bits on our list we were given the heads up by The_raw that there was a disused steelworks not far from some of the other bits we planned to visit.   We didn’t really have much information about the place or anything to go off...
  2. Obscurity

    Belgium The Blue Power Plant - Belgium - Feb 2016

    I had seen this site posted recently on various forums from a couple of UK lads. I don’t think I had seen much posted from the place before…..or rather I just hadn’t paid much attention to it.   After seeing photos from the turbine hall then this was a must have location on the euro derp...
  3. Obscurity

    Belgium Metro Leger Charleroi, Linge Châtelet, Feb 2016

    Metro Leger Charleroi, Linge Châtelet,   So when most people mention a trip exploring in Europe followed by the words ‘exploring Metro’, the first thing that springs to most people’s minds are the Parisian Metro or maybe Berlins system. Equally a mention of Pre-metro would usually suggest a...
  4. Obscurity

    Mote Park Mine, Maidstone, Kent - Oct 2014 - Jan 2015

    I thought now would be a good time to kick off 2015 with my first report of the year :thumb After countless trips around the UK to visit various mines and quarries, it begged the question as to what is located closer to home as there must have been mining activity around Kent. Throughout the...
  5. Obscurity

    Storm Relief Mine - Kent - Nov 2014

    Storm Relief Mine – Kent – Visited with two non-members So it has been quite a while since I last posted a report up, in fact this may be the first one this year but this is not through lack of trying just that a list has formed over time and sometimes things take time, effort and hard work...
  6. Obscurity

    RAF Rudloe Manor - July 2011

    I went for a look on a sunny morning with Frosty and a non member. The buildings are in a very bad state and everything insight has been smashed but there were a few bits that make this place worth a look if you are in the area. We were here about an hour but then saw a few blokes walking...
  7. Obscurity

    Royal Naval Auxiliary Hospital, Barrow Gurney - July 2011

    Date opened: 3rd May 1939 Location: Wild Country Lane, Barrow Gurney, nr. Long Ashton, Somerset Architect: Sir George Oatley, of Bristol Layout: Colony Plan Used During The War By The Military. After a night in the mines, we headed over to meet up with Vdubs for a look around some of the...
  8. Obscurity

    Benenden Hospital, Kent - July 2011

    Benenden Hospital was founded in 1907 as a sanatorium for Post Office employees and developed into the (subscription paying) hospital of the Civil Service & Post Office staff. The name of the organisation is now the Benenden Healthcare Society though the principles of the organiation are as...
  9. Obscurity

    Eastry Hospital - Kent - June 2011

    This is one pretty local to me and after an afternoon out with Wevsky and Justin we had been talking about how trashed the place had become. Recent photos show rooms full of graffiti and loads of the interesting bits now gone or smashed up. A recent report on the Hospital by 2wid showed off the...
  10. Obscurity

    Goths Retreat - Kent - June 2011

    We started our trip into the unknown, Right at the back where ivy had grown Moving on through room after room, Although rather clean we’d gave up pretty soon, But carrying on bits looked pretty neat, Now we enter the Goths retreat, See the oak stairs glow in the light, Get out...
  11. Obscurity

    Buckstone Brown Research Facility –March 2011

    Buckstone Brown Farm Buckstone Brown Farm is situated in a small place called Down in Kent. It was a research establishment for the Royal College of Surgeons, England from the 1930's up to the early 1990's when it closed. Sir George Buckston Browne bought Charles Darwin's former home Down...
  12. Obscurity

    Boeing 747, Kent Airfield – Sept 2010

    Ok I have visited this place various times now but never got round to posting it up. Others I have visited with have posted it in various places. The condition of the plane has gone down hill each time I have returned which is a real shame. There is a small amount of history if you hunt around...
  13. Obscurity

    Stone House Asylum, Dartford – Aug 2010

    Stone House Hospital, formerly the City of London Lunatic Asylum, was a hospital and former mental illness treatment facility in Stone, near Dartford, Kent, in the United Kingdom. As of November, 2007 the hospital has been closed, and bids have been taken for its redevelopment to house luxury...
  14. Obscurity

    Lillesden School for Girls, Hawkhurst – Nov 2010

    History of this place has been covered many times all over the internet. The school occupies what used to be the Lillesden Estate Mansion, built at the estate (south of Hawkhurst) in 1855 by the banker Edward Loyd, who moved there after marrying. The house and estate remained in the family until...
  15. Obscurity

    Langdon Coast Guard Tunnel, Dover – Nov 2010

    Sitting below the coast guard station in Langdon, Dover, is a tunnel used duing WW2. This has been maintained well and is still accessed by the coast guard station and they have even installed a small gym. Not huge but interesting and nice to see.
  16. Obscurity

    DEFRA/ADAS Research Labs, Kent – Oct 2010

    There is not a huge amount of history on this place although it has sat disused now for approx. 6 years after finally losing its doors in 2005. The labs were used for soil sciences and there is still much to see.
  17. Obscurity

    Pugin’s Caves, Ramsgate – Sept 2010

    For years a forgotten system of passages and tunnels are rumored to have been left disused under Ramsgate. The larger and more recognized tunnels are referred to as St.Augustines caves. Early photos show these tunnels and many entrances. The tunnels suffered after a cliff collapse causing them...
  18. Obscurity

    Tower Hamlets ARP Shelter, Dover – Nov 2010

    At Tower Hamlets of Dover lies a system of tunnels forgotten for years. Over the last few years its secrets have been uncovered. This is an excellent example of one of Dover’s many WW2 ARP shelters. Parts of the tunnels have now been separated and are now used for storage by various shops...
  19. Obscurity

    Great Britain Westmount College, Dover 2011

    After a quick trip around a few sites with VWDirtBoy, UJ, Frosty, Maniac and Wevsky. We saw this charming little gem. Im suprised this place hasn't had more attention by local explorers. Although the building has suffered fire damage and has clearly seen its fair share of damage over the years...
  20. Obscurity

    What is the Light Meter and how do I use it? – Tutorial

    When taking any photo then the first thing you need to do is determine how bright the scene is. This can prove difficult as you don’t have much room for error before the image appears under or over exposed. Some professional photographers will be able to guess how bright the scene is and...