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  1. Himeiji

    Germany Stuttgart underground

    A few pictures from my recent trip to Stuttgart.  Right before going to metro, already at the entrance of the tunnel, I recalled that this night the clock is being changed to summer time, so we have one hour less for exploring. Oh... Well, let's go anyway. We walked a few hundred meters and...
  2. Himeiji

    Belgium Night in Antwerp metro

    Last week I tried to go to Antwerp metro to take pictures of the tunnels, but the mission was fucked up, because one of the guys opened an emergency door as he wanted to see how alarm works... I only took one good picture by that moment and cannot express how strongly I was pissed off with...
  3. Himeiji

    Anyone in Belgium?

    Hi! I am from Luxembourg, and I am looking for people in Belgium to go exploring together. I am doing quite a lot of metro, rooftops, cranes, and some other stuff. Some pictures on my insta:
  4. Himeiji

    European Commission, Jean Monnet building - August 2018

    Recently we visited the Jean Monnet building of the European Commission in Luxembourg city, which is about to be demolished.  The building was closed because they discovered asbestos in the air in block C. Unfortunately, we came too late and the most interesting part (Conference Centre) was...
  5. Himeiji

    Climbing cranes in Luxembourg

    I want to tell a funny story that happened recently in Luxembourg city. We decided to climb a crane. When we were at the top, someone spotted us and apparently called police, but we left before they arrived.  What happened further. We cleaned our clothes, and after a while decided to go home...
  6. Himeiji

    Belgium Antwerp metro 2018

    For those who is planning to go to Antwerp metro! Beware that it's Belgium, and the actual presence of trams in the tunnels might not be consistent with their schedule! Being already inside one of the tunnels of the active line, we suddenly heard noise behind. I checked the schedule in advance...
  7. Himeiji

    France Paris metro - new tunnel - January 2018

    In early 2018 we visited one of the new tunnels of Paris metro which for the moment (May 2018) is still under construction. Recently I was told that this place is no longer accessible due to active works that doesn't stop even at night, so I will publish some pictures. Btw, we managed to get in...
  8. Himeiji

    Looking for other explorers in Belgium, NL, France, or Luxembourg!

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for people to visit locations together, somewhere in Belgium, NL, Luxembourg, France, or nearby) I'm rather experienced with urbex, but I don't really like doing it alone and it's hard to find people who also understand what they're doing at locations. I'm mostly...
  9. Himeiji

    Welcome Himeiji

    Hello Himeiji, Welcome to Oblivion State. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Himeiji joined on the 01/01/2018. View Member