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  1. jtza

    Great Britain Stanners Close's Steel Works Offices - Wolsingham - Dec 20

    Stanners Close’s Steel Works Offices When I started writing this report I was unaware of some older visits to this site (one being of the offices themselves) which made delving into the history behind this entire steelworks rather enjoyable. To conclude it and give some historical context for...
  2. jtza

    Great Britain Milton Green Highways Depot - Milton Green - October 2020

    Milton Green Highways Depot Visited with a non-member. After looking online for a matter of hours I couldn’t find any substantial history on this site, I seem to be pretty useless at research. The depot was owned by Cheshire West and Chester council and carried out fleet maintenance for the...
  3. jtza

    Great Britain Capel Salem - Pwllheli - July 2020

    Capel Salem Very little history to go with this one. The chapel was built 1862, remodelled, and enlarged in 1893 and then severely damaged on 5 July 1913 when a man named W A B Ross set fire to the chapel after he was unable to find any money to steal. It was reopened 15 December 1915...
  4. jtza

    Great Britain Robin Park Buzz Bingo - Wigan - October 2020

    Robin Park Buzz Bingo There is hardly anything to write for this history for this location due to how new the build is. Even the date of when Buzz Bingo moved into the outlet has not presented itself online. It is not a spectacular place but was quite photogenic in modern way with nice symmetry...
  5. jtza

    Great Britain Tetrosyl Bevis Green Works - Bury - March 2020

    Tetrosyl Bevis Green Works Really enjoyed this pre-lockdown mooch with @Urbandoned. Having spent the last few days go through all my photos and footage, it was nice to take myself back to the explore one evening in March. Accessing the site was no issue including all buildings on the land. The...
  6. jtza

    Great Britain Grand Casino - Southport - June 2020

    Grand Casino This is another well covered site but one we have always took a massive interest in and a long waiting game finally rewarded us with the chance to see inside for ourselves. History: We are sure you are aware of the history here but I will sum it up again. Built in 1923 as a...
  7. jtza

    Great Britain Collective Spirit Free School - Chadderton - July 2020

    Collective Spirit Free School Collective Spirit Free School was a school that catered for children aged 11-16. It was built to hold 400 students, however only 243 students attended once the school opened in September 2013 on the old site of South Chadderton School. In 2012 South Chadderton...
  8. jtza

    Great Britain The Crook Inn - Scottish Borders - August 2020

    The Crook Inn (Pic heavy) Situated at the side of the A701 on the scenic route through the Scottish borders sits The Crook Inn. The widely acclaimed "oldest inn in Scotland" was first licensed in 1604. The inn most likely started as a refuge for drovers and a meeting place for local shepherds...
  9. jtza

    Great Britain Cave Adullam Particular Baptist Church - Haslingden - July 2020

    Cave Adullam Particular Baptist Church The History: Sadly there's not too much to be found on this spot in terms of history. Cave Adullam Church was opened in 1860 by the Particular Baptists, who had formed in 1845. The Cave Adullam Church, of the Particular Baptists, opened their Sunday...
  10. jtza

    Great Britain St Hilda's Church - Rochdale - July 2020

    St Hilda's Church The History: Founded in 1931, St Hilda's Church (previously known as St Mary's RC Church) cost £6000 to build. In 1930, before being founded at the site where it sits today, the church was purchased by the Mission of St Hilda's (CofE). This church is a rare case of a...
  11. jtza

    Great Britain Shoreham Cement Works - West Sussex - July 2020

    Shoreham Cement Works History: Shoreham Cement Works is situated within the Beeding Chalk Pit. Cement production began at the site during 1883 with a recorded output of 144 tonnes of cement per week. The site was expanded which increased its weekly output to 800 tonnes. The expansion...
  12. jtza

    Great Britain Cliffe Park Hall - Staffordshire - June 20

    Cliffe Park Hall History complied from: Cliffe Park Hall was built in 1811, upon a hilltop above Rudyard Lake. Costing £25,000 at the time and built by John Haworth and Reverend James Bostock. The ownership later fell to Haworth's other cousin, Fanny...
  13. jtza

    Great Britain Crumpsall Workhouse - Manchester - June 2020

    The Crumpsall Workhouse: History compiled from: ( The Crumpsall workhouse was built was constructed between 1855-57. Designed by Mills and Murgatroyd, the site could accommodate 1660 "inmates", compromising of; 745 able-bodied men and women; 152 women...
  14. jtza

    Great Britain ABC/Canon/Forum Cinema - Liverpool - Feb 20

    ABC/Canon/Forum Cinema: We had originally planned to hold off on this site for a little while longer at least due to the beauty of it, but with many people visiting it over the last few months and the recent pandemic causing us to be pushed for videos, we decided to compile all shots and...
  15. jtza

    Great Britain Grand Theatre - Doncaster - Feb 20

    The Grand Theatre: Visited again with @Urbandoned and two non-members. This spot has been covered numerous times but with our recent theatre tour it was one we had to tick off the list. I won't go into loads of detail on the history etc as you've most likely read it or you can look on...
  16. jtza

    Great Britain St James' Baths/St James' Pool and Health Club - Doncaster - Feb 20

    St James' Baths: Visited with @Urbandoned, and two non-members. History compiled from: St James' Baths, or St James' Pool and Health Club was a leisure facility that opened in 1932 and contained swimming, slipper, Turkish and...
  17. jtza

    Great Britain Victoria Theatre - Salford - Feb 20

    Victoria Theatre: At the moment, we're making every moment to get out after work and uni to catch up on the places we were meant to do years ago. Victoria had been on the list to tick off and since we've been doing rounds of theatres and cinemas it made sense to fill an evening getting this...
  18. jtza

    Great Britain Hunters House - Northallerton - Jan 20

    Abandoned House: Despite being similarly titled to my previous report, this home was completely separate and had new things to find inside. I found myself in a similar position where at one point I was debating posting this here, but since the last report got by, I thought it might as well have...
  19. jtza

    Great Britain Holdings Country Pottery - Oswaldtwistle - Jan 20

    On one evening midweek we decided it would be good to get one last explore in, due to us not being able to get ou for the next few weeks. Nighttime explores are never our choice but when you can’t help but get out, you’ll take it over nothing. So a secluded countryside explore in the dark down...
  20. jtza

    Great Britain Abandoned Houses - Northallerton - Jan 20

    I was unsure about posting this due to the lack of history on this place. However, I felt it would be nice to share the photos I got during my visit to these two abandoned homes. The explore was quite shocking, finding such an array of items left to decay. Despite that it made it even more...