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  1. WesternKentuckyUrbex

    USA The Haunted House - September 2020

    One of the many small gems in this part of rural Kentucky. I found an abandoned house that was built sometime in the 1920s-1930s. I use to have photos of the outside but they have been lost to time. The house has been left abandoned since 2015. My guess is the owner of the house died that year...
  2. WesternKentuckyUrbex

    USA Hotel California - Oct 2020

    I explored what is oddly called Hotel California: It is neither a hotel nor in California or even near California. It is located in a massive wildlife refuge in the middle of Kentucky between two lakes. The house, which was last inhabited in 1965 has become a popular haunt for the locals of the...
  3. WesternKentuckyUrbex

    USA Abandoned Horse Racetrack - Sept. 2020

    So this was a place I explored with buddies and then by myself in the span of a week. The racetrack opened up in 1984 and closed in 2019. The first picture is not mine and was taken in 1997 when the track was still running races. Here is a picture that was taken in September 2020 The...
  4. WesternKentuckyUrbex

    USA School Turned Textile Factory - May 2020 & Aug. 2020

    This is one of the easiest explorations I've ever done. Not only were most of the doors unlocked, but the place has a nice convenient parking spot no one can see. There is no wood floors, no secret basement, nothing to make you worry. If you hate water, maybe this isn't your place, but overall I...
  5. WesternKentuckyUrbex

    USA An abandoned Huddle House and Back Yard Burger in Murray, Kentucky - Aug. 2020

    Huddle House is a franchise diner that is very similar to Waffle House. Back Yard Burger is a small chain of burger places that are mostly in the midwest and south. The Huddle House went out of business in 2018 after the owner gave up on it, and the Back Yard Burger closed in either 2017 or 2018...
  6. WesternKentuckyUrbex

    USA The 1888 house (aka the Pine Tree House) - Jan 2020 & Aug 2020

    I don't know much about this house other then it was built in 1888 and was abandoned in 2002, just two years after the lady's husband died. The last inhabitant died in 2007, and the current owner, her son, lives too far away to care for the house. The house has some furniture in it, but most of...
  7. WesternKentuckyUrbex

    Anyone urbex with a dog?

    So I got done with doing a fun exploration with my buddy, and apparently his girlfriend loves to take his dog exploring with them, and I am curious, does anyone else take their dog to go urbex? Just seemed so out there.
  8. WesternKentuckyUrbex

    USA Abandoned Fluorite Mine in Kentucky - March 2020

    We explored this mine back in March when it was still quite cold and easy to traverse. The mine itself is really obscure and hard to get to, which has protected it from vandalism. All the decay has been natural and the place is still in good shape but parts are starting to collapse, especially...
  9. WesternKentuckyUrbex

    USA Canton Gas Station - May 2020

    This location in Canton, Kentucky is one of my favorite abandoned buildings I have stumbled upon. This gas station was built in 1919 by Masons on an old ferry road that connected western Kentucky to central Kentucky. The gas station was on one of the first improved roads in the area which...
  10. WesternKentuckyUrbex

    A hello from Kentucky

    Hello, we are an Urbex group from Kentucky! We explore everything that we can get inside. We mostly focus on videos but we also take copious amounts of photos and have many stories about locations we have explored. We post on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, with Facebook being where we post...
  11. WesternKentuckyUrbex

    USA Abandoned Vulcan Material Quarry - July 2020

    This abandoned quarry located near Louisville is one of my favorite locations to explore even though it has proven to be one of the most annoying places to explore due to Kentucky weather being so hot even in the spring. This location has nearly caused me to have a heat stroke twice and is the...