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  1. obscureserenity

    Belgium Pritzer Fac (Oct. 2020)

    Excellent photos and thanks for the update! Always good to see how these places are doing.
  2. obscureserenity

    Great Britain Murray Royal Asylum - Sep 2019

    Short but sweet! Great report :)
  3. obscureserenity

    Poland An Abandoned Chateau With A Piano - Poland - 06/2020

    We were supposed to go here last year but Covid didn't allow it :( Glad to see you made it there and got some great photos!
  4. obscureserenity

    Germany Villa of the funeral cards (01/2021)

    Great report Andy! Looks like you've documented the place perfectly.
  5. obscureserenity

    France Coal-fired power plant, France 2020

    Amazing photos! Love that turbine and control room :love:
  6. obscureserenity

    France Forge G - jan 2020

    Wow this place looks incredible! Loving those reflection shots.
  7. obscureserenity

    Other Flour Mill, Katerini, Greece - November 2020

    Excellent report as always mate! :love:
  8. obscureserenity

    Germany Peppermint Powerplant (September 2020)

    Great report! Loving those detailed shots :)
  9. obscureserenity

    Germany Wet Feet Nuclear Fallout Shelter - June. 2020

    That's pretty cool! Thanks for sharing :)
  10. obscureserenity

    Germany Dr. Wackelzahn (Aug 2019)

    Loving all that medical equipment left behind! Great report, thanks for sharing :)
  11. obscureserenity

    Great Britain Detached House - June 20

    Great photos! You've documented it really well. Shame to hear about all the stuff that went missing from there.
  12. obscureserenity

    Italy Villa Moglia (Jun 2019)

    Oh wow, this place has been absolutely trashed now :( Nice set of photos though, cheers for sharing!
  13. obscureserenity

    Great Britain Primitive Methodist / Timsons Eng = Kettering June 20

    Nice report! Some great photos there, cheers for sharing :)
  14. obscureserenity

    France Chateau Piano (Feb 2020)

    Nice report! When we went the police were using it for training and let us come in to take photos ?
  15. obscureserenity

    Hungary Kelenföld Power Plant in Budapest - 08/2019

    Great set of photos! Always nice to see this one pop up :)
  16. obscureserenity

    Italy Colonia I.L. (07/2019)

    Great report Andy! Getting major Italy derp withdrawals from this post.
  17. obscureserenity

    Germany Kent School

    I agree with Damo, your report is better written than those from a lot of native English speakers! Impressive set of images there, especially loving the church :love: Good to see an update on this place, I thought they'd began renovations as of last year. Thanks for sharing!
  18. obscureserenity

    France Therme mosaique 04/2019

    Wow! This place looks amazing! Brilliant report, thanks for sharing :D
  19. obscureserenity

    France Therme mosaique 04/2019

    Can I come? :LOL:
  20. obscureserenity

    Germany Ballroom elegance 07/2019

    Amazing photos! If the access is the same as when I went, I know exactly what you mean. Good effort :D