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  1. Dubbed Navigator

    Welcome to new member

    A hello and welcome to OS's latest member @Bubbles2014 Look forward to your contributions around the forums. Be great for you to introduce yourself 👍
  2. Dubbed Navigator

    Oblivion State is having a revamp.

    Hello everyone. I spent wayyyy to long looking for that meme. 😁 Anyway, we have some news... Oblivion State is having a revamp. We’ve had various aims with this forum over the past few years. Most important, in my view, has been to ensure its a different, enjoyable place for members to be...
  3. Dubbed Navigator

    Severalls hospital panorama

    For anyone interested in the development of Severalls hospital - this is something to look at. Sevs development Although they haven't retained a whole lot, its nice to see what has been. Shame its surrounded by all those expensive stud walls, but hey - progress.. Biggest loss there is the...
  4. Dubbed Navigator

    Forum additions and news Oct 2020

    Earlier this month, I told everyone the forum was in the process of being upgraded. Now its more or less complete, I will give an overview of the new features. Gallery...
  5. Dubbed Navigator

    Forum upgrade

    Good afternoon everyone The forum is having a fairly big upgrade at the moment. I got the biggest bits in overnight, and soon I will update with the additional features we are bringing in alongside it. A few gremlins have been found and fixed, but you do at least now have the main and...
  6. Dubbed Navigator

    New Style

    Hello everyone The forum is going to have a few bits added to it over the next few weeks, and the first of these is a new style. We have been working on this for quite some time, and I'm really pleased with it. If you scroll to the bottom of the forum and click the following button, you can...
  7. Dubbed Navigator

    Welcome to some new members

    Couple of new members to the community. Welcome along... @the_cactus_eagle And @FinbarFurey Be great for you to drop a line and say hello. Hope to see you around the forums 👍
  8. Dubbed Navigator

    Report standards

    More for the benefit of our newer members, I thought I'd put a reminder out there for what is needed on location reports on this forum. - A title. We prefer a proper name, but if you don't want to it isn't required. Some sort of title is what we need. - A month and year of visit. We do...
  9. Dubbed Navigator

    Other Banner photo competition

    Morning everyone We are running a photo competition over on the Facebook group. Winner gets to replace the current spiral staircase shot we have in place. No perticular theme, it just needs to be landscape. Most reactions takes it.
  10. Dubbed Navigator

    What other hobbies / interests do you have?

    So this thread is intended so members can share other interests they have other than Urban Exploring. I would guess that photography is a major one, which is great and this thread can be used to show a picture that you are particularly proud of. What i'm really interested in, and the idea of...
  11. Dubbed Navigator

    How are you getting on in lockdown?

    So right now (as reported by the guardian), 20% of the worlds population is in lockdown. Thats a staggering amount. How are you getting on with it? relatively easily or climbing up the walls? I'm classified as a key worker, so I am at least able to get out and about in that sense. I also have...
  12. Dubbed Navigator

    In the news Ipswich brewery fire

    Well, this sucks. Only recently reported on here as well. Doesnt seem like it was the usual young scrotes this time, 26,29 & 44.
  13. Dubbed Navigator

    Profile cover photos

    Good evening Oblivion State members :) Something I mentioned in the last update is now live - profile cover pictures. Small addition, but it allows you to showcase your favourite photo on your profile. Simply navigate to your profile and press the "add cover photo" button to the right of your...
  14. Dubbed Navigator

    In the news What you should take in your backpack...

    Just found this article, first thing that comes up for urban exploring on google (the "people also ask" part) It is a german article, so has some interesting translations - but it is quite entertaining I'm looking through it now, and the "A...
  15. Dubbed Navigator

    Welcome to new members

    Welcome along to Oblivion State the following members @Exploration @Zero_Rollov It would be great for you to introduce yourselves, if not - we hope to see you around the forums!
  16. Dubbed Navigator

    Recent changes on Oblivion State

    Good afternoon! I know i'm hardly known for giving out short updates to the forum, but i'll try and keep this to the point... :) There have been a lot of changes in the last 6 months, so I want to take the time to point them out...
  17. Dubbed Navigator

    Welcome to the Excursionists & sirvaldemar

    Please welcome our newest member @The Excursionists and @sirvaldemar to OS forum Be great if you can introduce yourseves, and hope to see you around the forums.
  18. Dubbed Navigator

    Welcome Bakerbility

    Welcome along to our newest member, @Bakerbility It would be great if you could take the time to introduce yourself to the forum. Hopefully see you around.
  19. Dubbed Navigator

    Welcome to Jessica

    Welcome to our newest member, @Jessica Be great if you can introduce yourself. Hope to see you around the forums.
  20. Dubbed Navigator

    Welcome to Forgotten World and Jimmy Robert

    A weclome along to OS in order for @Forgotten World and @jimmyrobert Be great for you to say hi and introduce yourselves, hopefully see you around the forums.