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  1. Hughie

    Belgium Sanatorium du Basil, Belgium, April 2018

    Perhaps a touch mean :rolleyes:
  2. Hughie

    Germany Internationale Film-Union GmbH aka Panacolor [2009]

    Absolutely fantastic. Vibes of Shaws in HK...
  3. Hughie

    Belgium Sanatorium du Basil, Belgium, April 2018

    Would have longer here if not for the 'satnav' incident on the way over!
  4. Hughie

    Belgium Sanatorium du Basil, Belgium, April 2018

    1. The History Located above the hamlet of Borgoûmont in a clearing in the middle of the woods at an altitude of 420 meters, this imposing building of approximately 150 meters in length faces south. Construction of the imposing sanatorium commenced in 1900 at the initiative of Ernest Malvoz, the...
  5. Hughie

    Great Britain The woodsman’s cottage Anglesey jan 21

    Another great report. Was over Anglesey way over the summer and never did a single decent residential!
  6. Hughie

    Spain El Torbiscal, near Seville, Spain, December 2017

    Cheers mate. Much appreciated. If this place was in the UK would have burned down along time a go!
  7. Hughie

    Spain El Torbiscal, near Seville, Spain, December 2017

    1. The History El Torbiscal was a "model" agricultural town founded in 1947 and located at next to National Highway IV, between Los Palacios, Utrera. In its heyday, approximately 40 years ago, 500 inhabitants were spread over 150 homes , along with 185 staff workers, two hundred temporary...
  8. Hughie

    France Forge Lunaire (10/2020)

    Très grand! Bon travail mes ami....
  9. Hughie

    Great Britain The farm of Mr Williams, Ynys Mon. March 2020

    Wow. As residentials go that's a five star rating. Great report.
  10. Hughie

    Great Britain Falcon works Stoke - Jan 20

    Stoke's equivalent to GBs. Loads of history left still. Great report @BikinGlynn
  11. Hughie

    Cheers mate. Been long overdue...

    Cheers mate. Been long overdue...
  12. Hughie

    Great Britain Cremyll WW2 Oil storage depot, near Plymouth, July 2019

    1. The History At the time, searched high and low for info on this place but found absolutely nothing. Not a single shred of info anywhere on the internet. 2. The Explore Previously I had explored a fuel storage site closer to Cremyll. It’s above ground and easy to reach, if nothing...
  13. Hughie

    Great Britain Stallingborough Battery - Oct 19

    Who's @HughieD?
  14. Hughie

    Great Britain Jet 2 - May 19

    Nice crisp images mate.
  15. Hughie

    Hong Kong Shaw Brothers film studios, Hong Kong, July 2019

    Cheers JD. Much appreciated! My pleasure. Yes, @The_Raw has been too and seen even more of this amazing place. Nowhere quite like it. Deffo get a report on your second visit up. Didn't even get onto the props dept. And yes, long overdue as OS is a great site!
  16. Hughie

    Thailand Chiang Mai Women's Correctional Institution, Thailand, August 2019

    Cheers mate. Much appreciated. We'll worth a look if you are over that way.
  17. Hughie

    Great Britain Coulsdon deep shelter - May 16

    Thorough report that mate.