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  1. ForgottenBuildings

    Belgium The steelworks of Usine Gustave Boël. - Jul. 2020

    History: The history of this former steelworks dates all the way back to the middle of the 1800s. At this time a small forge in the Belgium town of La Louviere began expanding its operations. By 1900 over 1200 employees were active on the terrain. When the first world war broke out nearly all of...
  2. ForgottenBuildings

    Belgium Blast furnace Number 2 at Forges De Clabecq. - Jul, 2020

    History: In 1909 a brand new modern steel site was built at the banks of a canal between Charleroi and Brussels. At the time steel was one of the largest industries in Wallonia and was truly booming in industrial hubs like Liège and Charleroi. The complex started with just two blast furnaces but...
  3. ForgottenBuildings

    Belgium Blue Christ Church - Jan, 2021

    History: During the end of the 1800s this part of Belgium was known for the massive heavy industry. With this new industry the demand for houses also grew, which created a ton of new housing blocks for the employees. Including the many new housing blocks there were also newly constructed...
  4. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Stadtbad S - Aug, 2020

    History: Somewhere located in a major city in Eastern Germany lays this former grand swimming pool. It being built in the early 1900s this one contains some fine architectural details and luxuries. One example is the rather lavish completely tilled Russian bath house. During the years of...
  5. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Locomotive graveyard - Aug, 2020

    History: Located somewhere in a large forest lays this big train yard, which is full of historic locomotives. The trains here date all the way back to the second world war, back then these locomotives were built to serve the heavy loads of the war. It wasn't always war material though, a small...
  6. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Rittergut R - Aug, 2020

    History: The first time this old grand castle got mentioned in history was all the way back in medieval times. During this time, this castle was in the hands of a wealthy royal family. There were even multiple wars fought over the land surrounding this castle. In the 1600s the castle was hit...
  7. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Ballhaus Flower-wheel - Aug, 2020

    History: Located on the countryside somewhere in Eastern Germany lays this former rather grand building. With the Neo-classical architecture it is in fact not really fitting for the traditional looking village. In 1898 this village was thriving on the production of beer, it was in fact a quite...
  8. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Sanatorium Kruckstock - Aug, 2020

    History: The history of this old medical building actually began at a completely different kind of function. This function was of a rather grand hotel, it was also quite a success due that the location was right next to a medieval style monastery and it was located just on the border of the Harz...
  9. ForgottenBuildings

    Netherlands Pottery NW - September, 2020

    History: In 1675 the first recorded roof tiles ware made on this soil, after that the old pottery works expanded its operations over the years. In the first decades it was always kept inside the family. Because clay could be found in the next door river, the production for this was pretty much...
  10. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Grand Hotel Decay - Aug. 2020

    History: Somewhere inside an old spa town lays this former grand hotel. This hotel has been built around 100 years ago and is one of the oldest buildings and most grand building standing in this town. Even with this history it has been abandoned for over 2 decades now. The reason for this is...
  11. ForgottenBuildings

    Netherlands Factory PR - July, 2020

    History: After WW2 all of Hollands infrastructure and industrial was in ruins, which meant a massive reconstruction had to occur. With the Marshall plan a electronics manufacturer in the south of Holland made the decision to expand out of the original city into the other cities around the...
  12. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Arbeitstag Hospital - Aug. 2020

    History: This former medical complex was constructed at the begin of the 1900s as a new sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. A couple of years later it was opened and began operating successfully. When the second world war broke out this hospital was converted to a base for the German SS. This...
  13. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Wet Feet Nuclear Fallout Shelter - June. 2020

    History: In the begin of the 50s and 60s the fear of a nuclear war was increasing heavily. The direct consequences of this fear was the construction to protect people from this. This was done with nuclear fallout shelters under some major cities everywhere in Europe and the United States. A...
  14. ForgottenBuildings

    Belgium Manoir Beetle - Jun. 2020

    History: This small manor is located in the middle of a mountainy region of the French speaking part of Belgium. The manor got built somewhere around the turn of the last century. Who the owner was of this house isn't clear because there isn't much information on the internet. The manor was...
  15. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Budget Hotel - Aug. 2020

    Small report this time but, I thought it was still cool to share the photos of this small hotel. This hotel is widely known as budget hotel in the urbex scene and it's located somewhere in a former busy tourist town. Why this hotel closed isn't very clear, but I have a theory that it was just...
  16. ForgottenBuildings

    Germany Powerplant AEG - Jun. 2020

    History: The history of this classic power station dates back to the beginning of the 1900s. At this time coal was extracted from a nearby mine. This mine quickly grew out to be quite a successful one so it was decided to expand their operations. This expansion also included a small coal powered...
  17. ForgottenBuildings

    Italy Cotonificio R - May 2019

    History: This textile mill was established somewhere at the begin of the 1900s. It was established next to an river with a strong current, this was chosen because you could generate a lot a electricity for not a lot of money. After it was opened it ran successfully for a lot of decades. At the...
  18. ForgottenBuildings

    Netherlands Ford dealership - Mar 2020

    History: The history of this old dealership started in 1939, at that time the Ford Motor Company of the Netherlands wanted a brand new hub in the northern part of holland, so the Geerling&Winkelaar dealership was opened. The opening was a rather unusual one though, this was because the ceremony...
  19. ForgottenBuildings

    Belgium Medical bunker - Jun 2020

    History: This small bunker was built as a small medical outpost for a airfield. Why it was built as an bunker was probably handy for when the airfield was bombed. After the treat of the cold war went away, this place was closed for good. Explore: Nowadays this small bunker is surprisingly well...
  20. ForgottenBuildings

    Belgium Google Church - Jun 2020

    History: Somewhere in a former industrial hub lays this now forgotten church. This church dates all the way back the the 1800s at the time it was one of the most prosperous buildings in the valley. Nowadays this church has been closed for a couple of years due to it being declared unsafe by the...