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  1. Tomvandutch

    Germany Spirituosenfabrik (2014)

    In the middle of the big city is hidden, completely inconspicuous, this small desert. You only recognize the true splendor when you are in the courtyard or in the business premises. There is a small apartment in the upper area. This spirits factory was founded as early as 1833. Over the years...
  2. Tomvandutch

    Germany High Voltage (Feb. 2021)

    Here the busbar of a large German power plant. This power plant generated electricity for almost 60 years and was one of the largest in Germany.
  3. Tomvandutch

    France Château du Chêne (Nov 2019)

    Château du Chêne or the oak fiefdom was built in the 19th century. Extensive lands belong to the property. The owner lives in a clinic because he has massive alcohol problems (we got all this information from a neighbor). Albert de Gondi, Duc du Retz married Claudine-Catherine de Clermont in...
  4. Tomvandutch

    Other Villa Izvor (Sept. 2018)

    After the main road there are about 5 kilometers in the forest and all the time uphill. After about 1.5 kilometers you saw a sign pointing to a private road. We live on until a barrier blocked the road. We then covered the last kilometer on foot. In the middle of the last century political...
  5. Tomvandutch

    France Chateau Verdure (Feb 2020)

    The Chateau Verdure lies behind overgrown trees and is owned by a high wall. Chateau Verdure was built in the 1930s. It is now forgotten in a possible suburb. The building has been abandoned since the 1990s. There are several other pseudonyms for this place (Château de l'écolière, Manoir...
  6. Tomvandutch

    Germany Paperfactory (Nov 2020)

    The first paper mill already existed at this location in 1838. In 1862 the first paper machine was installed and used. Another paper machine was added each year in 1866 and 1884. In 1911, 340 people were employed. Production could be maintained until the Second World War and then went after...
  7. Tomvandutch

    Germany Coal mine L. (March 2021)

    After almost 100 years, coal production was stopped here in 1994. The shafts were still in use in operation until 2006 before they were laid in 2012. The mine has been dismantled since 2018.
  8. Tomvandutch

    Germany World Champion Train (Jan. 2021)

    The Deutsche Bundesbahn procured 20 motor cars, 13 control cars and 22 intermediate cars from the VT-08. It was used together with non-powered intermediate and control car sets as a three-part, later also a four-part, diesel express multiple unit. From this combination, the railway is called 14...
  9. Tomvandutch

    Germany Winter quarters (Feb. 2021)

    With the last light we arrived at the location on the 2nd day of our tour. The caretaker was nowhere to be found and all buildings were locked. As we walked we noticed that the lock on a side door of the stables was not closed and so we could still take our pictures. The site is inhabited and...
  10. Tomvandutch

    Germany Cinema (Dec. 2020)

    From July 1st, 1956, the W ***** film theater was built by the W ****** film factory ("ORWO") according to plans by the architect Hugo Seitz. On August 2nd, 1957, the film theater opened as the most modern cinema in the GDR with DEFA's first total vision film "Mazurka der Liebe". The decline of...
  11. Tomvandutch

    Germany Cinema (Nov. 2020)

    From July 1, 1956, the W **** film theater was built by the W **** ("ORWO") film factory based on plans by the architect Hugo Seitz. On August 2nd, 1957, the film theater opened as the most modern cinema in the GDR with DEFA's first total vision film "Mazurka der Liebe". The decline of this...
  12. Tomvandutch

    Germany NAPOLA (May 2015)

    National political educational institutions (officially: NPEA, but also: Napola) were the elite schools in the 3rd Reich. They led to the university entrance qualification and served to train the next generation of National Socialist leaders. Organizationally, they were separated from the...
  13. Tomvandutch

    Germany Fighterjets (Jan. 2021)

    3 warplanes of the old NVA are parked at this airfield. There are 2 MiG-21s and one SU-22. The SU-22 (NATO code: Fitter) was sold around 1,000 times and the NVA buyed it 56 times. The SU-22 was a fighter-bomber that was flown with the JBG-77 and the MFG-28, both based in Rostock-Laage. The...
  14. Tomvandutch

    Germany Medical Train (May 2015)

    The Reichsbahn of the GDR had a total of 14 disaster trains that were spread over the entire country and were also used regularly. The K-Zug is the core of an aid train of the Deutsche Reichsbahn, which should officially be used for the use in natural disasters (hence the name) or serious...
  15. Tomvandutch

    Belgium Pritzer Fac (Oct. 2020)

    In the middle of the city center are the buildings of the XXX Institute. It is the department for electrics and electronics of a Belgian university and was founded in 1883. By chance, the opportunity to own this venerable space belongs to itself. Unfortunately, the administration building and...
  16. Tomvandutch

    Belgium Ford Motor Company (Aug. 2017)

    Huge halls lead the eye, hundreds of offices, a paint shop in the absence of the robots, a thermal power station and the excavators have gnawed and a wheel rim production that was already safely withdrawn. Ford had its first plant in Belgium on January 30, 1922 in Antwerp. Work, in the 1960s...
  17. Tomvandutch

    Germany Gasthaus Iltis (Dec. 2020)

    This small guest house with apartment is located in a small town on the edge of the Ruhr area. If you look at the rights that are still lying around there, it looks like this building has been vacant for almost 25 years. In a few moments it looks like time has stood still. Cobwebs die quickly...
  18. Tomvandutch

    Germany Ghostship (Dec. 2020)

    An abandoned tanker with unknown content has been moored at XXXX at the pier for over two years. According to the informant, it only changed its location a few meters forwards or backwards in that time. In the meantime, in the last warm summer weeks, the ship was discovered by young people as a...
  19. Tomvandutch

    France Hôpital Ami Popper (Nov. 2019)

    In a small French community with just over 2,000 inhabitants this former hospital, which has been abandoned since 2009 because it no longer met the standard and was replaced by a new building. The hospital with a small chapel was built as early as 1855. The interior of the hospital is...
  20. Tomvandutch

    Germany Prison "Ulmer Höh" (March 2015)

    The “Ulmer Höh” was the prison in Düsseldorf from 1893 to 2012. When it was built, it was one of the most modern prisons in Germany and was built in a cross structure as a Prussian cell prison. The so-called “Weiberhaus” had already been completed in 1891 before it was fully completed. Up to...