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  1. Stussy

    Powerstation P - April 16

    Another drive past find on a trip to Italy last year, never seen pics of it, so we called it Powerplant Percy.  It was a sub-station of some sort, but stripped out and not much to see, but it was rather nice inside, so here you have it.             Well there you have it...
  2. Stussy

    1787 Church, Scotland - Oct 15

    Just a crappy stripped out church, but something about it would tickle the nipples of a god fearing nun. But I liked it enough to take a few pictures anyway.       I 'm almost sorry you had to look this report, I am scraping the barrel, but I'm not really sorry ;)
  3. Stussy

    Great Britain Porcelain Farm, Scotland - March 16

    Hello, another from my long long long list of shitty cottages I have to post up on here tp convert you to the deeply weird realm of cottaging! Found this almost my accident whilst exploring with a couple friends, after walking what felt like miles through small forests, over streams, up and...
  4. Stussy

    Manicomio Di Quarto - April 16

    During a Italian trip waaaay back in 2016, I visited this rather lovely Manicomio in the heart of a seaside Italian City, it was impressive to say the least.  Huge stairs, huge windows, high ceilings, but sadly rather empty, but I enjoyed it enough to go back this year with Baroness Von...
  5. Stussy

    Great Britain Sultana Cottage, Scotland

    Been a little while since I posted anything. Derp Cottage, located in what some consider Miserable Scotland, visited on a windy and cold day, but it had rather nice views. Thanks for looking
  6. Stussy

    France Chateau Des Anges - Oct 2015

    Another instalment from the derp trip with Baron, we arrive nice and early in the morning with mist all round, we soon made our way to the right place and we were in.   Not much to this place, it was fairly empty but there were several great rooms and the stairs or course!        ...
  7. Stussy

    France Chateau Fachos - Oct 2015

    Part of Euro derpage explore with Baroness of Scotland, we ended up here fairly late in the afternoon to have a wander around.  Parking up and making our way blindly through the trees we soon came across this site...     Quickly making our way inside, it was a slight disappointment to see...
  8. Stussy

    Holly Tree Farm - Sep 2015

    Slowly catching up on my reports. This lovely little place situated in the Grampian area of Scotland. I spotted this one on google maps and went for a look, parking up at the nearest point I could which would not attract any attention, this resulted in me having to walk over 3 fields over a...
  9. Stussy

    France The Music House - Oct 15

    A long time to get round to posting this fabulous location in France, visited with Baroness of Puddleland and Hector.   This was the first stop of a long weekend and it was a major bit of wantage back when it first became known!   We arrived shortly after sunrise, having been told to expect to...
  10. Stussy

    Cairn Cottages, Scotland - Sept 15

    This quick selection of pics is from a recent trip into the mountains near where I live to visit some lovely cottages.  These locations are all within close proximity to each other so makes for a nice day out.   First stop was an old school, which was half converted into a house, but never...
  11. Stussy

    Angies Farm & Cottage, Scotland - Sept 15

    Lovely little location on a few hundred metres from each other.  The Farmhouse and the Cottage situated in rural Grampian, I found these on route to another location, didn't spend too long here as they were fairly empty but had some lovely little features and a bit of a surprise when I had a...
  12. Stussy

    Religiøs Kult Estate, Scotland - 2015

    I haven't posted for a while, been pretty busy with Euro explores and finding new explores (more to come), but realised I hadn't posted this lovely little location from last year. The pics are from my first visit and a couple visits with friends I took here.  The site is a very strange place...
  13. Stussy

    Charbonnage du Rennard - July 2015

    Another installment from the July Euro trip with Darbians. Not my usual kinda thing, little bit trashed and a but still a really nice explore, except for the 42 degree heat, but makign up for it meeting the infamous Val! Thanks for looking!
  14. Stussy

    Maison Pastor - July 2015

    Another stop on the trip with Darbians to one of the nicest places I have ever explroe, not much decay, but a simply beautiful house. Thanks for looking!
  15. Stussy

    Usine S - July 2015 [PIC HEAVY]

    3rd location of the July trip with Darbians, was this lovely old Industrial Wool Mill in deep Belgium. Arriving reasonably early, we were given an access route which seemed very high and dangerous and the worker of a nearby store was lurkign around outside keeping an eye on us, we decided to...
  16. Stussy

    Chateau Ambience, Belgium - July 2015

    First stop on a July trip with Darbians to Euroland, we explored this Chateau?, I have no idea why its called Chateau Ambience, its a hotel, and looked to have closed reasonably recently. Anyway, the reason for the visit was a lovely staircase, but it had been dismantled before we arrived, so a...
  17. Stussy

    Chateau Lowenherz, Belgium - July 2015

    A quick trip across the ditch to Belgium with the good fella Darbians to see some lovely cream. Right in the middle of all the Migrant Crisis and Operation Stack. It took me about 10 hours to drive south to crash the night at Darbians, with the plan to leave early the next morning to hit up...
  18. Stussy

    Bob's Cat - Scotland - June 2015

    Whilst having a scan over my area with Google Maps, I spotted this derp cottage which looked very overgrown, so had a bit of potential. A few weeks later I was in the area and decided to check out to see if it was any good, arriving at the bottom of the track, there was a lovely derp landy...
  19. Stussy

    WW2 Navel Oil Storage Tanks, Scotland - June 2015

    Another derp installement from my ventures North. History (stolen from Secret Scotland) Inchindown fuel depot lies in the hills some four miles north of Invergordon, and was constructed in the period 1939-1942, during World War II, as a bombproof fuel oil store for the Royal Navy, and was...
  20. Stussy

    Great Britain Radio Farm, Scotland - June 2015

    Another boring topic from my venture up North. Nothing much to say about this wee derp farm, spotted it from the main road, a quick de-tour and few photos later, you have this! Derp. Thanks for looking!