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  1. TrollJay

    Offerred - Tokina 11-16mm Pro DXii - Canon Fit

    Hope this is OK here, as couldn't find a suitable section A friend of mine is selling a Tokina 11-16mm Pro DXii - Canon Fit lens, it's as good as new. he said he can provide photos or whatever on request £300 delivered unless North West based and can also collect He's also posted it on the OS...
  2. TrollJay

    Great Britain Department of Employment, Aytoun St Manchester

    Department of Employment, Aytoun St Manchester Not sure if this belongs in this section, and tbh I'm not sure I belong in derps :grin2: .... Enjoy for what it's worth.. (My excuse, it pissed hard in Manc all week and so drains were a no go) I'll be honest I actually like these kind of...