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  1. urbexosaurus

    Germany Umspannwerk (Dec 2015)

    Not much to say about this place. Just an empty sub-station in the middle of nowhere... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  2. urbexosaurus

    Poland Sw. ST. Kostka (Poland - May 2015)

    Not really sure what to call this place... Church? Chapel? Something in between? Place was in pretty terrible shape, but the ceiling still made it worthy of taking a few snaps. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  3. urbexosaurus

    Germany Wasserheil (Dec - 2015)

    One of those accidental explores. Got redirected by Google Maps due to accident on highway and stumbled across this cute looking bathhouse. With daylight fading fast we made a very quick run through the building and took a couple of shots. Nothing special, but still a nice way to spend 30...
  4. urbexosaurus

    Netherlands Ave Dennis - (Apr 2018)

    Was on my way to visit a location further down the road that turned out to be inaccessible due to maintenance works. Spotted this one, so figured I'll pop in and have a little look... Used to be a factory where they made various coatings, paint and ink for signage & offset printing. Factory...
  5. urbexosaurus

    The Pipe & Fitting Company Ltd. (Poland - May 2015)

    A state-of-the-art manufacturer of pipes and fittings, once fully owned by the state, went bankrupt under suspicious circumstances, just before it’s 50th birthday. Only a year before the 50th anniversary, the state sold 85% of the shares in the company to a private investment firm for roughly...
  6. urbexosaurus

    Mad Scientist's Lab, Poland (May 2015)

    This place was part of a giant complex where they used to build trains for the national railroad company. Most of the site was already demolished by the time we got here, but the lab itself was still worth the visit. It's been abandoned since 2010, which is sort of surprising, if you look...
  7. urbexosaurus

    Belgium Gazet van Antwerpen - Belgium (visited June 2013)

    Very short explore, as the building was almost completely empty.  I ended up with just a few close-ups/details... Used to be a building from the local Antwerp newspaper. It looked like they actually used to press/print the papers there as well, long time ago. Now all remained was a large, very...
  8. urbexosaurus

    Belgium HFC - Belgium - May 2016

    Quick report as I don't have any historical info. Fun explore, although got cut a bit short, after being caught, so I need to go back one day to finish it... Secca was really nice. He offered me some coffee and cola, while waiting for the police. Police was less amused and they didn't wanna...
  9. urbexosaurus

    Church of the protection of our lady, Poland - May 2015

    After having been offline for months, it was time to work on some pics again. Yeah, cool… 1 set down. :) 500+ to go…. :( Brief history; In 1913 this rather pretty brick church was build. Back in the day it belonged to Russia or Ukraine, not sure. After the 2nd WW, it was given back to...
  10. urbexosaurus

    Schule d. H. J. - 2014

    Schule d. H. J. or in full: "Schule der Hitler Jugend" :cool: Somewhere in the middle of Poland, there's this big piece of land, hidden in the middle of nowhere. It contains a huge palace with park, a chapel, barns & stables, a distillery and a few houses. The palace itself was build...
  11. urbexosaurus

    O'Melt-Down! (Aug. 2013)

    Finally back.. :D Was out for a few month due to some unfortunate events and haven't had much time till now to do cool things. Anyway, finally finding some time again, so started to work on the loads of pics i still have lying around and doing some new explores as well. :) The pics below...
  12. urbexosaurus

    Chateau Amon-Re (visted April 2012) 2013

    Another old report, since I'm kinda lacking time at the moment to process the remaining 75+ sets I still have lying around... Not sure about the history of the place, but the owner must have been sort of crazy to get his house done in this Egyptian style... Very sad to see this place in this...
  13. urbexosaurus

    The Hollow Church (NL) - March 2013

    A rather empty church somewhere in the Netherlands. No special details, or anything extra cool, but still worth spending half and hour to see, in my opinion. Has been abandoned for over 6 years now. Luckily, the church is still in quite a good condition.. :P The rectory was unfortunately not...
  14. urbexosaurus

    The church of little Henrich (May 2013 - Poland)

    Another evangelic church in Poland, left to rot... Same story as the other ones... The church was build between 1743 and 1752 by a German count. He owned the next door castle and later got buried in this church, together with his wife. (The 2 big coffins...) It got renovated shortly before...
  15. urbexosaurus

    PreSkool: Lady & the Tramp (May 2013.

    A small but still quite ok location.. we unfortunately only had about 25 minutes to explore this one, (including parking and finding our way in..) since we had a meet about an hour later and 70km further to explore the lime factory together with some polish guys.. So to save time I decided to...
  16. urbexosaurus

    Poland The Vodka Lime Factory (Poland) May 2013

    A few weeks ago we explored this big old Lime Stone factory in Poland. We decided to enter via the quarry and after a good 10 min climb we went through the fence and then heard something.. :sad2: Apparently a part of the quarry was still being used as the noise was caused by a running...
  17. urbexosaurus

    Der Bukingravel (May 2013 )

    Ok, something a little different this time.. No house, church, industrial site or other typical urbex location, but one of those mean machines.. :cool: This old bucket wheel excavator was built in 1964 and once belonged to the biggest machines on the planet. It was used till 2003 and then...
  18. urbexosaurus

    Back 2 school: Villa Hagspihl - Germany (Visited Jun 2012) 2013

    Ok, one of the explores from last year... Quite a cool one, although I didn't feel very comfortable there. We had to enter thru a room with sleeping junkies and they definitely outnumbered us, so we tried to be quick and quite.. Somehow it's an old, but much forgotten location. Haven't seen...
  19. urbexosaurus

    Belgium Monastere du Roi, Belgium 2013

    One of those locations that has been on my to do list for way to long. By the time we finally managed to pay this one a visit, the rebuilding was well underway and lots of the coolest features were gone or inaccessible. Still managed to get a couple of decent shots, but wasn't what it used to...
  20. urbexosaurus

    The monastery of the bright saint (visited Oct2012) 2013

    As promised, here's my report on "the bright saint"... It must have been one of my coolest explores from last year. At the time of the visit, this enormous monastery had been abandoned for a few years and even though there were many ideas what to do with it, till then they didn't really make a...