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  1. True_British_Metal

    Millennium tower Salford quays June 2018

    A trip down memory lane that is. Thanks for sharing.
  2. True_British_Metal

    Taiwan Various sites, Taiwan July 2018 - February 2019

    Honestly Scrappy you're in the right place now for exploring. Taiwan's development is so rapid that older sites have long, long disappeared and that which remains isn't much cop. A lot of the derelict sites just aren't that interesting. The market isn't bad, it's interesting for...
  3. True_British_Metal

    Taiwan Various sites, Taiwan July 2018 - February 2019

    No I didn't. Don't know what the state of it is now. The next sites I will do in Taiwan will be BIG, I hope. Trouble is once I've done those I won't have anywhere to go afterwards, lest I look beyond the island.
  4. True_British_Metal

    Taiwan Various sites, Taiwan March 2019

    水湳洞精鍊廠/Shuinandong Smelter This is an iconic derelict site in Taiwan, a former gold smelting factory that looks out towards the ocean of northern Taiwan. Shuinandong is one of three sites that boomed when gold was discovered in the underlying strata, but all economic booms fizz out; as the...
  5. True_British_Metal

    Taiwan Various sites, Taiwan March 2019

    萬里飛碟屋/Wanli UFO Village Taiwan's most famous derelict site, by far. The biggest derp to have made it into a book showcasing the very best of urban exploration worldwide; it beggars belief. Perhaps it is the novelty value or the rarity; derelict mid-century Futuro and Venturo houses mostly...
  6. True_British_Metal

    Taiwan Various sites, Taiwan March 2019

    Solo jaunts. So after Chinese New Year there was yet another public holiday in Taiwan, and you know what that means? More exploring! This here is a compilation of different sites all well known to the exploring network, all very famous but compared to the general benchmark not enough to warrant...
  7. True_British_Metal

    Taiwan Various sites, Taiwan July 2018 - February 2019

    Well things that are worth reporting on are few and far between. I think counting the sites I have left now, I only really have 5 or so left to do unless something else pops up. Not always. They don't really have vandals here, but nature is far more hostile and buildings have everything of...
  8. True_British_Metal

    Taiwan Various sites, Taiwan July 2018 - February 2019

    寧高級中學/Yi Ning High School, Taizhong Solo jaunt. Another local from Taizhong. It seems that the previous adventures have spured me on to finding new sites, and thus far it's been very promising. Unfortunately as is standard sites are not always named here, so it's left to others to play...
  9. True_British_Metal

    Taiwan Various sites, Taiwan July 2018 - February 2019

    仁友綜合醫院/Renyou General Hospital, Jiayi Visited with Anew Calling. This is the final call of the exploring adventures, and arguably the most exciting/tense explore I've done in many many years. Very little history exists, and the articles that I've found document previous exploring adventures...
  10. True_British_Metal

    Taiwan Various sites, Taiwan July 2018 - February 2019

    東南水泥工廠/South East Cement Works, Gaoxiong Visited with Anew Calling. So as part of the Chinese New Year trip I carried onto Gaoxiong, Taiwan's equivalent of Hull or Liverpool, a city built on heavy industry and port workings. A lot of these places are long-closed or still active, and the city...
  11. True_British_Metal

    Taiwan Various sites, Taiwan July 2018 - February 2019

    杏林醫院/Xinglin Hospital, Tainan Solo jaunt. If an urban exploration culture exists in Taiwan (it's far more likely to be a subculture within the ghosthunting realm, unfortunately), then this is by far Taiwan's most famous derelict building. It's frequented by teenagers and students who dare each...
  12. True_British_Metal

    Taiwan Various sites, Taiwan July 2018 - February 2019

    大家好! My oh my, how long has it been since I posted a report? Exploring has become a low priority for me ever since I left the UK, even if I've always kept tabs on new sites shared here and on social media. Truth be told learning Mandarin and my lady have taken a much bigger priority in recent...
  13. True_British_Metal

    Poolbeg/Pigeon House Power Station, Dublin, Ireland November 2016

    Solo jaunt, part 3/3 of TBM's swansong. This could well be the last explore I do for a long time, lest I get up to anything in Taiwan. Apart from a fail at St Ita's asylum in Portrane the day after, I suppose one could say this is my last explore for a while. History taken from Irish UE: The...
  14. True_British_Metal

    St Brigid's Asylum, Ballinasloe, Ireland November 2016

    Solo jaunt, part 2/3 of my (temporary) swansong. Well, this was epic. The best asylum I've had the pleasure of exploring, and possibly the best asylum of the "post-classic" era when most closed. And definitely one of the most memorable explores I have ever done. If it was any one site that...
  15. True_British_Metal

    Our Lady's Mental Hospital, Ennis, Ireland November 2016

    Solo jaunt. Part 1/3 of TBM's (temporary) swansong. So I'd never been to the ROI or Northern Ireland before this. As I write this, tomorrow I will be gone to Taiwan to take a sabbatical from England and exploring for a while, teaching English and learning Mandarin. The past few weeks had been...
  16. True_British_Metal

    HM Prison Reading, Novembe 2016 (Permission visit)

    Visited as part of the Reading art exhibition. For a full in-depth history visit the Wiki page. I've never done a UK prison, certainly not one that's immaculate or recognisable as one. Sure, I've done Doftana in Romania, but that was a ruinous shell that was converted to a museum after its...
  17. True_British_Metal

    Leybourne Grange, October 2016

    Solo explore. "It can't be this bad. How can it be THAT bad? How can it be THAT ruined?!" were my first thoughts on this place. Fully demolished in 2010-11 with the exception of three buildings, what once was a site bigger than I could ever have expected was now mostly a leafy rural housing...
  18. True_British_Metal

    Shoreham Cement Works, October 2016

    Solo explore. This shouldn't be here. By all stretches of logic, this should not be here. Why should it be? It should have gone years ago. Think about it; derelict since 1991, an enormous concrete monolith stands in the middle of an area of outstanding natural beauty. Situated not far from...
  19. True_British_Metal

    Închisoarea Doftana, Romania September 2016

    Solo jaunt. History Ha ha. Sorry, I used the Romanian name for this one just to get your attention. Dear reader, I present to you this once-infamous political prison, Doftana aka the Romanian bastille. Once one of the most cruel, harshest prisons in Romanian history, it's now largely forgotten...
  20. True_British_Metal

    Casino Constanta, Romania September 2016

    Visited with Arold. History Casino Constanta is an historic monument built in Art Nouveau style between 1904 -1910, to meet the needs of the Black Sea tourists in the period known as La belle Époque: a time when well dressed gentlemen would read the newspaper early in the morning, enchanting...