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  1. urblex

    Great Britain The Bay Queen Hotel - Isle of Man, 2019

    This one was a bit samey once we got inside, looked like it was going to be better from the outside, think the best part was getting in, that and the massive amount of dead birds we found inside. The place was caked in pigeon shit, and there were warnings plastered all over about unsafe...
  2. urblex

    Great Britain Greeba Boarding Kennels - Isle of Man 2019

    Explored with my partner, who told me about this place, was completely unaware that i was passing it on the bus every day until she told me about it... Wasn't really expecting it to be that good but really enjoyed it. Didn't look like we were going to find a way in at first but i found what i...
  3. urblex

    Great Britain St Olaves - April 2019

    First of two places we got onto that day, we had about 4 places in our sights & this was the only one that was on our list that we managed to get into. A great explore & a lot more to see than i was expecting. Most of the upper floors were fallen/falling through. The person that told...
  4. urblex

    Great Britain Clypse Lodge, Isle of Man - 2018

    Visited with 3 non members not really knowing much about the place other than it looked pretty cool from the outside. Damp and water damage had done a pretty good job on the place but it was still well worth visiting and the start of an amazing day.  History Can't really find much on this...
  5. urblex

    Great Britain Bradda Private Hotel, Isle of Man - 2019

    This was the second of two places we looked at, and was one of those 'we probably won't get into this one' places. It's always a bonus when you're pretty much convinced you wont get in then turn up & end up getting in ? The place was covered with mushrooms (Jews Ear apparently) and mould has...
  6. urblex

    Great Britain Shilley Aalin, Isle of Man 2018

    My first explore of last year, and it was in December ? oh well at least i'm 'back on the horse'. Met up with a local explorer & this was the first of two places we got into that day, the second place looked derelict but kind of wasn't & turns out we were just being tourists in some poor...
  7. urblex

    Great Britain Marine Biological Station, Isle of Man 2019

    First report on here, or anywhere, in ages hope you all enjoy it. Been wanting to see inside this place for years, had a failed attempt a few years back but a recent fire and the property being bought last year worked to our advantage. Visited with my partner who has also tried & been caught...
  8. urblex

    Old farmhouse or something, UK - November 2015

    Not quite sure what this place was, as you can probably tell from the title. Wasn't expecting much from the place but it had been bugging me for a while so wanted to get it out of the way so i could concentrate on better things. So packed my bag & set of on a rainy windy night as is my style...
  9. urblex

    Howstrake Holiday Camp, UK - October 2015

    Spotted the place while i was on a wander & made a mental note to go back. Wasn't expecting much but still thought i might as well have a look. Quite enjoyed some of the weird 'graff' i wasn't expecting it & some off it looks pretty old. Was a pleasant way to kill a few hours anyway...
  10. urblex

    Loxley Chapel, Sheffield - September 2015

    Visited with Ferox, this was our last explore of the day & a nice peaceful end to an ace day exploring. Knew we were getting close when we came across an overgrown graveyard, was worth going just for that, really like graveyards so it was pretty cool. A bit sad as well thinking about the...
  11. urblex

    Bradfield Waterworks, Sheffield - September 2015

    Visited with Ferox after trying to get into cannon brewery & deciding to leave it for another day due to some dodgy looking locals. A bit of a shell but some decent graff in here, to be honest if it wasn't for the Graff it would of been a bit shit, have to say there's some pretty skilled...
  12. urblex

    Sheffield Crown Court - September 2015

    Visited with Ferox nice one mate this was an ace start to the day, poking around an old courthouse with sound company and a camera for a few hours haha can't think of a better way to spend time. Thoroughly enjoyed this explore & the atmosphere as the sun came up won't forget this one. Am...
  13. urblex

    Denbigh Asylum, North Wales - June 2015

    Visited with Ferox after doing a few other sites in the area, thanks again mate for another ace explore, this was our last stop and by this point we only had a can of monster between us and had both been awake for over 24 hours. We spent over 4 hours in here. Despite it being trashed i still...
  14. urblex

    Traie Meanagh open air swimming pool, Port Erin - 2015

    Hopefully the first of many explores over here, not as good as i was expecting but still a nice little wander. Did this before moving on to Milner's Tower which was pretty dull tbh but if any of the pics from that turn out alright will get a report of that up as well. Couldn't find much...
  15. urblex

    Documentary about psychiatric hospital/patients in america

    May be of interest to some people on here, there's a Louis Theroux documentary on bbc iplayer about an american psychiatric hospital, it is an 'active' one though. Was only half watching it but from what i saw Louis was better with the patients than any of the staff but hey at least the...
  16. urblex

    Printing firm due to close

    Could be worth a look...
  17. urblex

    Yorkshire Asylum, 2015

    Had a brief look around this place with Ferox (cheers for making it happen & a good day out mate :thumb ) wasn't our first choice & we weren't expecting to get in. Weren't in there too long as Ferox spotted the police, weren't sure if they were there for us or not but neither of us...
  18. urblex

    St Joeys at night

    First go at a video so it's not great but after the 1st 15 seconds it's kind of watchable
  19. urblex

    Dead Things - Not For The Squeamish -2015 (NSFW)

    We all have our 'things' (chair shots, toilets, ghost ads etc), well this is one of mine. Was interested in photographing dead things way before i was into exploring & as you will all know there's an abundance of dead things to be found when exploring. Mostly just dead pigeons here in the UK...
  20. urblex

    A different St Joeys -2015

    Glad to have finally cracked this one, well i say 'cracked' we got in & took some snaps anyway, it is a huge place & didn't cover it all & definitely need to go back at some point. Visited with ACID-REFLUX, cheers mate & sorry for getting caught :rolleyes: always good to have...