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  1. Ferox

    Great Britain Crown Theatre, Eccles. April 2018

    Had a look in here earlier in the year after an fail near by. A grand example of dereliction on the outside and a crumbing mess on the inside. Nice little wander as it turned out. There is enough features and bits still knocking about to make it interesting and I enjoyed having a look around and...
  2. Ferox


    Not a bad little mooch this one. Quite a lot of area to cover with most of it being stripped unfortunately but, there is still stuff to see and some nice decay in parts. It seems the building was used to make carpet underlay form 2002 until 2013. I guess its been abandoned since then. Visited...
  3. Ferox

    Great Britain Thompsons Board Mill, Cumbria - May 2018

    I first had a look at this spot in 2015. Almost three years on the place has been knocked about a bit and it seemed stripped somehow from the last visit. Did not spend that long in here. As I parked up an old lady drove passed paying more attention to the my car than I liked, so I blasted round...
  4. Ferox

    Thornton Fever Hospital, Fife - May 2018

    Had a look at this place on a recent trip to Scotland. Very decayed and stripped this one but never the less still a nice spot for a look around. There was some lovely tiles still in place in parts of the hospital which I liked. I do like a bit of old tile work  :) There was a lot of kids toys...
  5. Ferox

    Fisons Fertilisers, Ipswich. March 2017

    Another one from early last year. A nice mix on the same site this one with the awesome old wooden part next to a burned out, vandalised, graffiti strewn new part. It brought into sharp contrast the difference between a interesting and unique explore with loads to see and photograph and a...
  6. Ferox

    Attercliffe Tram Sheds. February 2017

    Nipped in here after G.B's last February. Not much to see building wise but there is some nice graffiti knocking about. I have seen some more recent reports and the graffiti has changed in parts now. Some for the better some not. Visited with non member Paul. HISTORY Sheffield Tramway was an...
  7. Ferox

    George Barnsley and Sons, Sheffield. February 2017

    One from earlier in the year. This had been on the list for a while and I was really happy to finally see the place. There was some graff and vandalism in evidence when we went, I believe it's even worst now. Visited with non member Paul. HISTORY George Barnsley & Sons Ltd was founded in...
  8. Ferox

    Hatfield Heath POW Camp. March 2017

    Had a look at this place while in the area back in March. The cars where the main attraction for me and they did not disappoint. Excellent examples of cars left to rust and rot until they finally fall in on themselves. The rest of the site consists of stripped huts with some being more...
  9. Ferox

    Our Lady’s Hospital, Ennis. Ireland. August 2017

    Quite a big place this one with some great decay throughout. Spent a good few hours round here enjoying a relaxed explore. Some parts of the building are worse than others .There has also been some vandalism and shit graff left behind. Not enough to spoil the over all feel of the place though...
  10. Ferox

    Pilkington Glass, Kirk Sandall. July 2017

    I was not really sure what to expect from this place. It turned out to be a huge industrial playground with loads to have a look at. The size of this spot is awesome and I could not have asked for a better place to give my wide angle lens it's first outing. The workshops where another nice...
  11. Ferox

    TG Greens, Derbyshire. April 2017

    I was not aware of this place until I seen a report on it last summer and as with Octel Bromine it was the medical room that caught my eye. And a little beauty it was too. Great decay with some nice features left. This place is rather big. The sort of place that seems to keep going and going...
  12. Ferox

    Octel Bromine, Anglesey - April 2017

    This was our second attempt at this place after the first one did not work out due to a Sunday league football match going on right outside. Fast forward to April and we where back and access was gained. Really nice site with a lot to have a look at. The variation was interesting also with...
  13. Ferox

    Great Britain Chaos Manor - April 2017

    Had a look at this spot while crossing the country earlier in the year. It has most defiantly seen better days unfortunately. With the water egress it's slowly crumbling anyway now. A bit more of the stairs had collapsed on the ground level, luckily missing the piano. I thought the big rooms on...
  14. Ferox

    Great Britain Fireplace House - June 2017

    This spot has had two names already, I thought I would make it three :)  Great place for a root about this one with some nice items left behind. The entrance hall was my favourite part. I bet it looks awesome in the early morning light. Seen some mad tiles on one of the fireplaces. They seemed...
  15. Ferox

    Great Britain Old Rectory Care Home - March 2017

    I had wanted to see this place for a while and was over the moon to get the location. Checked it out on recent trip down south and it did not disappoint. Very derelict now and, I'd say bordering on unsafe looking at the huge cracks in the outside walls. Their was loads of stuff left in here and...
  16. Ferox

    Great Britain Packington Hall Farm - March 2017

    Had a look at this spot after an earlier fail near by. I had looked at the location of this place on goggle maps and tbh I was not holding much hope of getting in here due to it being late enough for a lot of people to be up and about. One of the things I love about this hobby is the constant...
  17. Ferox

    Great Britain Bramham Orphanage. August 2016

    Had a look at this place while in the area last August. Pretty much a wreck now. No roof, no floors in parts, collapsed sections and shit graff. The cellar is a dingy horrible place. I decided to experiment with some torch placements while down there, and as I was messing around with the torch I...
  18. Ferox

    RAF Church Fenton. August 2016

    This spot has been getting a lot of attention recently, here is mine take on the place. Solo visit this one back in August. The site was really overgrown at the time, it was like navigating through a small wood in parts. There is some lovely decay in this place and the damp is playing havoc with...
  19. Ferox

    Bletchley Park, D Block. February 2017

    Now onto the main target. This is the block that contains all the bits and bobs. Total contrast to G Block with this one being more intact and full of interesting stuff. It seemed like a storage place for things from the museum. The Bombe machine that had been made for the 2001 film Enigma was...
  20. Ferox

    Bletchley Park, G Block. February 2017

    Been wanting to see this place for a while so I was well happy to finally get a nose round here. G Block was the first area we covered. Would have been better doing it the other way round with hindsight but, we where not to know at the time. This block is pretty much stripped with some nice...