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  1. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Collective Spirit Free School - July 20

    Collective Spirit Free School Collective Spirit Free School was a school that catered for children aged 11-16. It was built to hold 400 students, however only 243 students attended once the school opened in September 2013 on the old site of South Chadderton School. In 2012 South Chadderton...
  2. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Royal Alexandra Hospital - Sep 2020

    Royal Alexandra Hospital The Royal Alexandra Infirmary was built to designs by T. G. Abercrombie and was, as the recent Pevsner Guide noted, the largest and most prestigious of his Paisley buildings. It was replaced by the present Royal Alexandra Hospital in the 1980s, and whilst some of the...
  3. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Wolsingham Train Depot - Dec 2020

    Wolsingham Train Depot Taken from the window of the also abandoned Wolsingham steelworks offices. The history of this place is quite fascinating and we only found out how historic the property is after visiting. Charles Attwood founded an iron works in Wolsingham and patented a new method...
  4. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Paisley Liberal Club - Sep 2020

    Paisley Liberal Club A plaque outside the entrance door to the social club. The Liberal Club was formed in 1881. Prior to opening their own property, businessman and landed gentry discussed topics in the YMCA building on the High Street. After they decided to find their own premises, they...
  5. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Cotton College - June 20

    Cotton College Cotton College was a Roman Catholic boarding school in Cotton, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. Cotton Hall appears to date back to 1630 and was most probably built by the Morrice family. Thomas Gilbert rebuilt the house in the eighteenth century. In 1843 Cotton Hall was sold to...
  6. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Odeon Cinema - Sep 2020

    Odeon Cinema The Odeon was built for and operated by Oscar Deutsch’s Odeon Theatres Ltd. chain. It opened on 21st February 1938 with Jack Buchanan in “The Sky’s the Limit”. Architect Harry Weedon was assisted by P.J. Price from the Harry Weedon Partnership firm. The Art Deco style was typical...
  7. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Murray Royal Asylum - Sep 2019

    Murray Royal Asylum The Murray Royal Asylum was designed in 1821 by William Burn and extended in 1833 by Burn and again by Andrew Heiton Junior in 1888. Situated on a hill to the east of Perth city, the asylum is the earliest surviving asylum building in Scotland and one of the few remaining...
  8. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Gattonside House - Sep 2020

    Gattonside House Built between 1821-24, Sir Adam and Lady Ferguson, close associates of Sir Walter Scott lived at Gattonside House. Following this the house was acquired by retired banker George Bainbridge who employed eminent local architect, John Smith of Darnick in 1824 to enlarge it with...
  9. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Shoreham Cement Works - July 2020

    Shoreham Cement Works With operation starting in 1883 the works' began life as the Beeding Portland Cement Company with a production of over 140 tonnes of cement per week. The strategic location of this works allowed for supplies to be bought in via the Adur such as, Coal - for powering the...
  10. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Clydebank Playdrome - Sep 2020

    Clydebank Playdrome Clydebank's Playdrome Leisure Centre was built 1991-94. It follows a nautical theme, with the roof suspended from giant masts and the vast interior space not dissimilar to that of a grand ocean liner, with light descending from a vast cupola. Claiming to have some of the...
  11. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Glasgow School Board - Sep 2020

    Glasgow School Board The Education Act of 1872 in Scotland laid the basis for the modern education system. The most immediate thing it did was to take control of education out of the hands of the churches, with the exception of the Catholic and Episcopalian churches, and place it in the hands...
  12. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Grand Theatre - Feb 2020

    Grand Theatre The Doncaster Grand was constructed in 1899 and originally stood on a prominent site in a shopping street facing the main railway station. However, town centre improvements robbed it of any sensible context and it is no longer in a street, but attached rather indirectly to the...
  13. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Station Hotel - Aug 2020

    Station Hotel An old photo of the property in use. Ayr's Station Hotel is a beautiful Victorian building in the middle of the town. The hotel attached to the station was originally opened by the Glasgow and South Western Railway in June 1866; and it became part of the British Transport...
  14. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Cliffe Park Hall, Staffordshire - June 20

    Cliffe Park Hall Cliffe Park Hall, at the north end of the lake, was built by John Haworth and his cousin, the Reverend James Bostock, in 1811 at a cost said to be £25,000. On the death of John Haworth in 1831, it passed to his cousin Fanny Bostock. During her ownership of the hall, she...
  15. Urbandoned

    Great Britain RAF West Raynham, Norfolk - July 2020

    RAF West Raynham Royal Air Force West Raynham or more simply RAF West Raynham is a former Royal Air Force station located 2 miles (3.2 km) west of West Raynham, Norfolk and 5.5 miles (8.9 km) southwest of Fakenham, Norfolk, England. The airfield opened during May 1939 and was used by RAF...
  16. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Imperial Dock Grain Warehouse - Aug 20

    Imperial Dock Grain Warehouse The Imperial Dock grain warehouse is a Monumental 15-bay flat-roofed concrete grain elevator and warehouse that was built in 1933 and extended by 1960. It is a well preserved and early example of a concrete grain elevator, remarkable for the survival of its...
  17. Urbandoned

    Great Britain New Parliament House - Sep 19

    New Parliament House The Old Royal High School, also known as New Parliament House, is a 19th-century neoclassical building on Calton Hill in the city of Edinburgh. The building was constructed for the use of the city's Royal High School, and gained its alternative name as a result of a...
  18. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Crumpsall Workhouse - June 20

    Crumpsall Workhouse (writing this beside @The Excursionists + he gave permission to nab his history) The Crumpsall workhouse was built was constructed between 1855-57. Designed by Mills and Murgatroyd, the site could accommodate 1660 "inmates", compromising of; 745 able-bodied men and women...
  19. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Detached House - June 20

    Detached House I have little history on this property, but from the dates of newspapers inside and google maps imagery over time, we can presume it became abandoned in the mid-2000s. Our friend Andy found this one so props to him, and although these untouched houses don't tend to be my...
  20. Urbandoned

    Great Britain St James' Baths - Feb 20

    St James' Baths On the right - the baths in it's theatre period. The leisure facility was opened on 9th June 1932, costing £10,000 to build and equip with swimming, slipper, Turkish and Russian baths. The pool was the first in England to be fitted with underwater lighting that would hope to...