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  1. The Urban Tourist

    Italy "D6" nuclear bunker - February 2020

    I discovered this place in late 2016, but since I live very far I've never been able to explore it... Until a few months ago. This is a former NATO command center, the plan was to use it in order to control NATO ops in the region in case of nuclear/chemical/biological attack. It has 2 floors...
  2. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Train dismantling facility - June 2019

    This is a small train demolition plant with a bunch of old wagons and locomotives, many of which were still almost intact. Some of them were very unusual like a couple of old "covered" car transporters. Here is the link to the album: Sorry for the lack of pics but we...
  3. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Abandoned nuclear research facility, July 2019

    Thank you all guys! I really appreciate your interest for this location and my visit. Yeah I understand that... A few years ago the facility was heavily guarded with armed security ready to shoot you, probably because some radioactive material was still stored there. I forgot to point out an...
  4. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Abandoned nuclear research facility, July 2019

    Thank you guys! I actually put my phone pics at the top. You just have to click on the actual numbers you see on the text, where I said "1, 2, 3". This font doesn't actually help users to tell the difference between links and normal text. Anyway, I'll leave my few phone pics here aswell so...
  5. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Abandoned nuclear research facility, July 2019

    I'm finally back posting something! This time we visited a very large complex with a mysteriuos story and even if it has been completely vandalized, you can still find some very cool rooms or objects... This is a former nuclear research laboratory, which focused on studying new technologies...
  6. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Paper mill E. - April 2019

    Thanks you everyone for the appreciation! Sorry, I published all of my pics here. These are the only ones I will post because they're the best I could take. It's a rather big place indeed, but I think that the nice spots have been all showed. Sadly most of the machinery has been removed...
  7. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Paper mill E. - April 2019

    Some of you may have already seen this one. This is a nice paper mill closed down almost a decade ago. There are many photos of this place when it was still active, and some of them were taken when the factory had been occupied by workers right after the closure... It's a rather good place...
  8. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Bloody factory - March 2019

    I discovered this big factory almost 2 years ago. It used to build washing machines and it was closed down more than 10 years ago. At that time it was already obvious that the location was completely empty... but what made me really interested in this place was the colour of some building of the...
  9. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Former textile factory N., February 2019

    Maybe it isn't really famous internationally speaking, but at least here in Italy every explorer who loves industrial locations has visited this place or knows about it.
  10. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Former textile factory N., February 2019

    This is a very popular textile factory in Italy. It is very big, it even has a power plant which used to power the whole structure when it was functioning. We stayed there for like 4 hours and managed to explore maybe only 2/3 of the place (or even less)... Entering there was tricky because all...
  11. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Modern school, August 2018

    Some months ago I went to explore this abandoned middle school. Since it is almost completely vandalized, there is nothing special inside (exept maybe for the wooden chair you will see), but what made me so curious about this structure was its architecture, very modern and... unusual for a...
  12. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Printing works, August 2018

    Thank you all, this was a very nice exploration. My only regret is that since we were a bit in a hurry I couldn't find any paper about the history of this factory: I don't know anything but its name, even the year of closure is unknown to me. Yes, that's what the girl of the group said when...
  13. The Urban Tourist

    Italy Printing works, August 2018

    This time I was actually in vacation with two friends of mine (they aren't explorers), but while we were organising all of our trip we decided to explore this abandoned and untouched printing works (hope that this is a proper name) that I had discovered a few weeks before. Those 2 guys were a...
  14. The Urban Tourist

    Private air raid shelter, August 2018

    Imagine that you are preparing yourself for an exploration for like a month and you are dreaming about it for like a year. Then the day finally arrives and EVERYTHING that could stop us happen at the same time. Not only this was a rainy day, but this was the infamous day that a bridge in Italy...
  15. The Urban Tourist

    Hello there

    Hi, my name is Matteo and I'm from Italy. I've been into urbex for like 2-3 years but, since I usually don't have someone to go with, my visits are very few at the moment, but I hope to do it more and more as soon as possible. Even if I'm not so active in the "practical way", me and one of my...