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  1. True_British_Metal

    Taiwan Various sites, Taiwan March 2019

    Solo jaunts. So after Chinese New Year there was yet another public holiday in Taiwan, and you know what that means? More exploring! This here is a compilation of different sites all well known to the exploring network, all very famous but compared to the general benchmark not enough to warrant...
  2. True_British_Metal

    Taiwan Various sites, Taiwan July 2018 - February 2019

    大家好! My oh my, how long has it been since I posted a report? Exploring has become a low priority for me ever since I left the UK, even if I've always kept tabs on new sites shared here and on social media. Truth be told learning Mandarin and my lady have taken a much bigger priority in recent...
  3. True_British_Metal

    Poolbeg/Pigeon House Power Station, Dublin, Ireland November 2016

    Solo jaunt, part 3/3 of TBM's swansong. This could well be the last explore I do for a long time, lest I get up to anything in Taiwan. Apart from a fail at St Ita's asylum in Portrane the day after, I suppose one could say this is my last explore for a while. History taken from Irish UE: The...
  4. True_British_Metal

    St Brigid's Asylum, Ballinasloe, Ireland November 2016

    Solo jaunt, part 2/3 of my (temporary) swansong. Well, this was epic. The best asylum I've had the pleasure of exploring, and possibly the best asylum of the "post-classic" era when most closed. And definitely one of the most memorable explores I have ever done. If it was any one site that...
  5. True_British_Metal

    Our Lady's Mental Hospital, Ennis, Ireland November 2016

    Solo jaunt. Part 1/3 of TBM's (temporary) swansong. So I'd never been to the ROI or Northern Ireland before this. As I write this, tomorrow I will be gone to Taiwan to take a sabbatical from England and exploring for a while, teaching English and learning Mandarin. The past few weeks had been...
  6. True_British_Metal

    HM Prison Reading, Novembe 2016 (Permission visit)

    Visited as part of the Reading art exhibition. For a full in-depth history visit the Wiki page. I've never done a UK prison, certainly not one that's immaculate or recognisable as one. Sure, I've done Doftana in Romania, but that was a ruinous shell that was converted to a museum after its...
  7. True_British_Metal

    Leybourne Grange, October 2016

    Solo explore. "It can't be this bad. How can it be THAT bad? How can it be THAT ruined?!" were my first thoughts on this place. Fully demolished in 2010-11 with the exception of three buildings, what once was a site bigger than I could ever have expected was now mostly a leafy rural housing...
  8. True_British_Metal

    Shoreham Cement Works, October 2016

    Solo explore. This shouldn't be here. By all stretches of logic, this should not be here. Why should it be? It should have gone years ago. Think about it; derelict since 1991, an enormous concrete monolith stands in the middle of an area of outstanding natural beauty. Situated not far from...
  9. True_British_Metal

    Închisoarea Doftana, Romania September 2016

    Solo jaunt. History Ha ha. Sorry, I used the Romanian name for this one just to get your attention. Dear reader, I present to you this once-infamous political prison, Doftana aka the Romanian bastille. Once one of the most cruel, harshest prisons in Romanian history, it's now largely forgotten...
  10. True_British_Metal

    Casino Constanta, Romania September 2016

    Visited with Arold. History Casino Constanta is an historic monument built in Art Nouveau style between 1904 -1910, to meet the needs of the Black Sea tourists in the period known as La belle Époque: a time when well dressed gentlemen would read the newspaper early in the morning, enchanting...
  11. True_British_Metal

    Former BBC Manchester Oxford Road crane, June 2016

    Visited with Slipdrix. I never thought I'd be sat up here. Really, I thought after all the crap that went down after my last crane climb 5 years ago in April 2011 (although funnily enough, I never got hit by it all), I would never do one again. I did actually try One First Street in Manchester...
  12. True_British_Metal

    Redcar Steelworks, June 2016

    Visited with Slipdrix. Hands down, this was the most challenging explore I have ever done. Going in completely blindly, we had no idea what to expect at all. Getting in through the fence was no problem; we found a spot within minutes. In the no mans land, we run through the mist straight across...
  13. True_British_Metal

    Durham County Hospital Mortuary, June 2016

    Visited with Slipdrix. Looking for time to kill before the epic that evening, we decided to take a trip to Durham with the original intention of doing Ushaw College. However, walking through the gardens and walking past this I say to Slipdrix: "Hey look, it's some derp. Looks like a hospital."...
  14. True_British_Metal

    Brunner Mond Soda Ash Works, Winnington June 2016

    Visited with Slipdrix. It's been a long time, hasn't it? I've not posted a report for at least a year. Without going into personal details, I suppose whilst I never lost interest in the movements of the scene, I've been out of action for so long due to lack of drive to go anywhere. Nothing has...
  15. True_British_Metal

    1983 Jubilee Line LU Stock, Harpur Hill HSL Buxton, June 2015

    Solo jaunt. I'd looked at this a year back, but was too tired waiting for security to move away when stood at the fence. So having done another explore nearby earlier, I made another trek up to Harpur Hill. I'm well known for being a huge fan of railways and trains in particular, considering...
  16. True_British_Metal

    Fletcher's Paper Mill, Greenfield, October 2013

    Visited with Landie. Apologies for this being late, it's just me being lazy and putting it off until now. In another one of the adventures with me acting as a guide for him, we hit Fletcher's Paper Mill, safe in the knowledge that access was still there and it was (fairly) easy to do. We both...
  17. True_British_Metal

    George Barnsley and Son's Toolworks, Sheffield, September 2013

    Visited solo. I'd wanted to do this the week before when I did the Courthouse but I was worn out after that so I knocked it back again. Having another free weekend to do something, I thought why not try this? So back over to Sheffield I went. And I'm glad I did! Looking at reports, nothing...
  18. True_British_Metal

    St Joseph's Orphanage, Preston, September 2013

    Visited with Cloaked Up. WARNING: If you've seen this 2012 or before, look away! At long, long last I've finally managed to get in! First and foremost, however there are some people here I owe a great deal of gratitude to for being able to do this. Firstly thanks to Telf1980 for sharing his...
  19. True_British_Metal

    Sheffield Courthouse, September 2013

    Visited solo. I'm really, really not used to solo exploring. I have a penchant for crumbling at the slightest hint of danger (security mostly), but I really didn't want to waste the little time I had to explore! So after a morning bimbling round scrapyards, I end up here. This one's probably...