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  1. urblex

    Derp Cars

    One from the weekend
  2. urblex

    Great Britain The Farm of Suffering; Flintshire June 2019

    You know someone’s a complete bastard when they’re cruel to animals AND owns a Hannah Montana mug ? those shotgun shells look still live ... TASTY!
  3. urblex

    Italy Manicomio Di R

    Wow this place looks amazing! Never seen or heard of it before but it’s definitely going on the list... Thank you ? 
  4. urblex

    Great Britain The Bay Queen Hotel - Isle of Man, 2019

    Yeah the glass skylight was cool, really liked the tiled bathroom as well, think that was the most intact part of the whole place... 
  5. urblex

    France The secrets of the legendary catacombs of Paris, a tunnel system that spans more than 280km in length.

    Wow great write up and pics. Saw a film about the ‘catacombs’ & it really put me off, is getting in really as claustrophobic & panick attack inducing as they made it out to be? 
  6. urblex

    Great Britain The Bay Queen Hotel - Isle of Man, 2019

    Yeah didn’t clock the spelling mistake at the time, only afterwards looking through my pics. The place was a goldmine for dead birds, well if you’re into that kind of thing ? Tbh I’m not holding my breath for the restoration, any signs of work seem to have stopped.  Yeah the first few rooms...
  7. urblex

    Great Britain The Bay Queen Hotel - Isle of Man, 2019

    This one was a bit samey once we got inside, looked like it was going to be better from the outside, think the best part was getting in, that and the massive amount of dead birds we found inside. The place was caked in pigeon shit, and there were warnings plastered all over about unsafe...
  8. urblex

    Great Britain Mossley Manor; Mossley: May 2019

    Looks like a nice explore and chair shots galore! Some ace photos there, thanks for sharing them ? Definitely a good thing that the place is no longer in operation. 
  9. urblex

    Great Britain Greeba Boarding Kennels - Isle of Man 2019

    Yeah I thought it was something a bit different, and had some nice corridor shots to offer, and yeah it’s definitely a good thing that they are no longer open! 
  10. urblex

    Belgium Dr. Gentil

    Really interesting report & location! Thank you for posting! Who was Dr Gentil? Any creepy history on the guy? 
  11. urblex

    Great Britain Greeba Boarding Kennels - Isle of Man 2019

    Yeah it was something completely different, probably one of my favourite explores this year, well so far anyway. And yeah being on an island is good for that but also sucks a bit for the lack of hospitals ? 
  12. urblex

    Great Britain Greeba Boarding Kennels - Isle of Man 2019

    Explored with my partner, who told me about this place, was completely unaware that i was passing it on the bus every day until she told me about it... Wasn't really expecting it to be that good but really enjoyed it. Didn't look like we were going to find a way in at first but i found what i...
  13. urblex

    Italy Sanatorio G, Italy - March 2019

    Nice corridor shots there dude! Looks like an awesome explore!
  14. urblex

    Great Britain The Brewery - 19/09/2017

    Cool report fella! And they left the leccy on for you, which is nice 
  15. urblex

    Great Britain Cautley House Christian Centre, Kent - 2017 & 2019

    Funny how the extension is the most fucked part, maybe says something about standards slipping/‘they don’t make em like they used to’ haha. Cool report though ? 
  16. urblex

    Great Britain Return to Severalls - May 2012

    Yet another asylum I missed out on ? 
  17. urblex

    Great Britain St Olaves - April 2019

    Cheers man yeah it was more interesting than expected, thought it would be a bit of a shell tbh 
  18. urblex

    Great Britain St Olaves - April 2019

    First of two places we got onto that day, we had about 4 places in our sights & this was the only one that was on our list that we managed to get into. A great explore & a lot more to see than i was expecting. Most of the upper floors were fallen/falling through. The person that told...
  19. urblex

    Great Britain Clypse Lodge, Isle of Man - 2018

    Maybe it did at some point but i know that it was owned by the water authority at some point, thats pretty much all i know about the place but i heard it from a 'local' so it must be true... Cheers man yeah it was my mum that first told me about this place, nice little explore to get 'back on...