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  1. Fatpanda

    RAF Church Fenton 2016

    little splore vid from church fenton. Me n @-Raz- had a close call with a "guy on a pushbike" and a car
  2. Fatpanda

    Great Britain Conditioning House - Feb 16

    After a few failed attempts at some other locations it was nice to finnally get some shots and have a good eplore around this rotten old mill. had a few sketchy moments involving @Hydro3xploric and some "wheatabix flooring" thought the building was coming down. !!take care on the floors if...
  3. Fatpanda

    Great Britain Holmebank Chert mine Jan-16

    Holmebank Chert Mine What an end to a day exploring some underground stuff, been here before but didnt really get any photos so was nice to spend enough time down there to get a set and get to play with some lazers and s**t Explored wit @-Raz- @Hydro3xploric and 2 non members History...
  4. Fatpanda

    Great Britain Park Hill Flats + splore vid - Dec 15

    Hello all :) Had a fun explore today with @-Raz- and a couple of non members not very many pictures for you unfortunatley but a nice little video i put together to substitute :) History Construction began in 1957.The City Council published a brochure on the scheme which was in...
  5. Fatpanda

    Great Britain Lluesty hospital, Wales - Aug 15

    what a lovely find this one was, gonna keep this really short as i am using the on screen keyboard haha thanks. thanks guys :cool:
  6. Fatpanda

    Tuxedo royale-May 15

    Another that ive had laying in wait, this one was a special little visit and took us a while to get on to the damn thing but even in its rotting state it still is a sight :) Visited with raz
  7. Fatpanda

    Durham county asylum-may 15

    A few shots i never got round to uploading, was quite a good little splore with some nice bay windows and unfortunatley a very sealed mourge :( Visited with Raz Thanks guys :)
  8. Fatpanda

    Selly Oaks+ Morgue-May 15

    Took me a while to get round to posting this been sat in my dropbox for some time now :) had a grand old day with Hamtagger and Raz and really cant believe the security didnt see me as i jumped over the palisade they came right past us and said nothing at all :? but hey ho not complaining...
  9. Fatpanda

    Dalton Mills-May 15 :)

    Lovely little mill had a great explore although the floors on every level are very very unstable haha had a few moments in this on. Been here a while back and didnt manage to get in and wasnt overly bothered about coming back but when i finally saw it i loved it :) Visited with Raz enjoy...
  10. Fatpanda

    St Thomas's Medical School/Hospital-May'15

    So after a steady walk through the center of london for the first time we finally got to oour destination and walked pat the main gate, instantly the secca was onto us ;) .we waited about a while and made a quick entrance and scrambled for the open window. after only an hour tops me and a non...
  11. Fatpanda

    Soda Ash Works (Snow Factory)-May 15

    WoooooW this place really is one of beauty and one of my fav industrial locations to date looked like something off the bbc's Frozen planet. Had a great explore with Raz and a none member :P :D:) :rolleyes: :cool: ENJOY
  12. Fatpanda

    George barnsley & Sons April '15

    Hello again So over the bank holidays we took a trip to see an old friend (George Barnsley) havnt been for a while and was in the area so thought why the heck not :) George Barnsley & Sons Ltd specialised in tools for shoe makers and leather workers. The building closed around 2004...
  13. Fatpanda

    St Joe's seminary-April 15

    Seriously cant get enough of this one everytime i go i see a different side to it and ths time was no exeption got to see all the downstairs classrooms and labs, visited with Raz as usual Enjoy Folks :) cheers guys
  14. Fatpanda

    Royston coke and chemical works-April 15

    Gonna keep this short as im using the on screen keyboard -_- but posted a report here a while back and we finally got to go in the light. visited with Raz Enjoy
  15. Fatpanda

    Church of Giants-Mar 15

    This visit was a nice little treat d heard about the place and that the access was hard but after abit of snoopnig we managed to get to the main church building and what a sight we were met with, the sheer size of it made me a little excited :) this was the first sucsessful visit of the day...
  16. Fatpanda

    Opal 3 rooftop Leeds - Mar 15

    After hearing that the roof of this place was accessible i couldn't wait to hit this one, a bit of a ball ache for access to the building but wait around for long enough and the opportunity will arise. At 269ft you cant help but fall in love with the live rooftops and seeing the tiny ant people...
  17. Fatpanda

    Nice little mill-Huddersfield Mar 15

    While in the area me and Raz took a quick look in this small mill that was full of little treats. access was easy although it is on a main road and unfortunately i don't quite recall the name of this one. ill keep it short as usual so here you go... Thanks guys :)
  18. Fatpanda

    Globe mill- Huddersfield- Mar 15

    Haven't posted anything in a while guys but hit this place up with Raz just the other day. Really easy access to the rear building and some really cool things to see :) Unfortunately we could only get into one room of the main building you can see from the road but hey ho. Heres some snaps...
  19. Fatpanda

    Ushaw Seminary-March 15

    Haven't posted anything in a while and have loads of photos to sort through but thought id keep up an appearance. Visted this one wit Kalum a and Raz, was a little dissapointed at first at the state of the place until we stumbled upon a tasty little chapel. We did venture around the grounds of...
  20. Fatpanda

    Getting coke'd up - Royston Feb 15

    Visited today with Raz had a great time and a few close calls with the secca. I was suprsed to see that this wasnt on here already and only found a couple of reports on 28DL. anyway enough of my crap Enjoy Thanks guys :cool2: