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  1. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA ArcelorMittal Acid Plant (12/19)

    Unsure of when this was built, but I believe it closed around 2013 and was left untouched and with power until it was demolished in July of 2020
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  14. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Westmoreland Glass (1/2020)

    This manufactured milk glass & other decorative glass. It was open in 1889 & closed in 1985, since then, a few fires were set which rapidly speed-up the decay. The large furnace is the highlight, along with the stalls filled with broken glass in a variety of shades & colors
  15. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Train Wrecking Yard 10/2019

    This is located at an active company that scraps and rebuilds Locomotives
  16. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Mathies Mine Pt. 2 10/19

    Part 2 of the mine that I explored earlier
  17. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Mathies Mine 8/2019

    This is an underground coal mine that is approx. 37 km. Construction started in the early 40s and was named after a Medal of Honor recipient Archie Mathies, a former employee of the mine that was killed in an air crash in 1944. The mine has 9 entrances and was closed in 2002
  18. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Columbian Chemical 9/2019

    This company manufactured Carbon Black for use in the plastics industry, it closed in 2009 due to lack of demand.
  19. Beneficial-Cucumber

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  20. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Allen Box Co

    This was a rural cardboard box factory that operated from 1958 to 2015.