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  1. teddybear

    Belgium Pinokkio XL 05/2021

    A disused Lime factory,somewhere in Belgium. Did not have much info on it concerning best POE and security so maybe I didn't cover everything.Shots were made handheld (no tripod) Also I was alone during this trip so needed to be a bit more careful :-) . There is ,o graffiti yet ans a few signs...
  2. teddybear

    Belgium lost jets 04/2021

    Long time that I posted something so let's start with something small. These are 2 fighterjets from the early 60's that are "preserved" on an site. Wings are dismounted . Cockpit is totally empty and no engine. Still nice to make a few photo's of those. 1 fx100 IMG_8875-Edit by Bart Hamradio...
  3. teddybear

    Belgium Pritzer Fac (Oct. 2020)

    Still some nice pictures. I had the luck to venture through all the buildings a few years ago .It's nice to see that the plants in foto 1 are still doing very well :-).
  4. teddybear

    Germany power plant AEG 09/2020

    A former power plant i, Germany with generators from AEG ,hence the name :-) . But there is also a much older generator there dating from the early years..The plant gave power to a nearby factory,but when that closed,it gave power to the nearby city, but this also ended some years ago. So...
  5. teddybear

    Belgium Hospital R 12/2020

    Thanks guys. I appreciate that.
  6. teddybear

    Germany zeche AV 09/2020

    Again one that have been collecting dust on my computer. One of the many closes "zeches" in Germany.Not the biggest one but still a lot of men were employed there (looking at the numers on the old lockers).The little cloth baskets were gone but still a nice place to wander arround. It took some...
  7. teddybear

    Comment by 'teddybear' in media '50149347967_9d8381ff88_o.jpg'

    I 'm honoured and made the resolution 5000 pixels at the large side.Will roughly match the 24Mp of the camera. I enabled the download function in flickr so you can download it. regards Bart
  8. teddybear

    Belgium Hospital R 12/2020

    Long time since I posted something. Did explore this year but did not find the time or for editing the photo's. This one I did alone and did not see anyone else so totally corona proof urbex :) . This hospital is bound to be demolished in the future. A lot of the equipment will have a second...
  9. teddybear

    France Piscine Athenica 05/2019

    A house with a rather original designed swimming pool. Don't think it was a business. It was a warm day and it was quite damp and a lot of algae started to develop and the water level was dropped. The rest of the building was quite a mess with a lot of stuff stocked . 1 IMG_4781-HDR-Edit-Edit...
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  15. teddybear

    Belgium Maison Annabelle 08/2020

    A nice big house that remembered me to the house of my grandparents. High ceilings, lead glass,the furniture..... But things seems to be stolen and moved here (no surprise). A bench that was in the hallway is now in the garden for some reason. But still not to much vandalism or graffiti.. 1...
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