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  1. shacklerurbex

    Doctors Mansion with nice car

    First vid upload for a while, although I have not stopped exploring. :) Should be more videos coming up soonish This gothic mansion was once owned by a doctor who released a mental health patient who sadly went on to stab an 11 yr old girl to death. I believe he was pretty much chased out of...
  2. shacklerurbex

    Sheffield tram sheds, March 2017

    short vid of a back up splore few months back, nice artwork.
  3. shacklerurbex

    Abandoned Church St Pauls Denholme March 2017

    A quick one this but I'm quite happy with how it came out. St. Pauls church was completed in 1849 and shut in 1999. It was (at least in 2008) on the market for the somewhat bargin price of £170,000. Now you dont get the windows with that (they have been auctioned off) you do however get...
  4. shacklerurbex

    Newland 13th century Knights Templar hall

    Havent seen to many videos on this place, I uploaded a vid of an explore ages ago, but every time I go past Newlands I have a little look and so have amassed more pics and footage of it. Some of this vid was shot in August 2016, some in November and some this weekend just gone. For some reason...
  5. shacklerurbex

    Dyson Ceramics, Sheffield, January 2017

    I had a few days off last month so decided to go to Dyson. As you can see it was quite foggy which made the whole thing feel pretty creepy, solo explore as well. lotta fun. I will be doing a revisit at some point and hopefully with a drone The building, in Sheffield, closed its doors in 2006...
  6. shacklerurbex

    Old park farm , Wakefield November 2016

    footage and pics are taken from two quick visits. One in August and one in November 2016. Some stolen history......... In 2008 the farm was closed after concerns were raised about the welfare of the birds that were kept there. These included Harris hawks, red-tailed hawks, two emaciated...
  7. shacklerurbex

    Newland Hall, Normanton June 2016

    Had a look at Newlands hall for the first time Newland Estate lies in the valley of the River Calder between Alfofts and Stanley Ferry, and is one of the very few estates in the area that can be traced back through documents which have survived and span 900 years. Occupation of the site dates...
  8. shacklerurbex

    Linton Camp

    This is my first attempt at this so be gentle lol.  Linton camp was built in 1940 for child evacuees from Bradford to go to during the war.  But it was for years after that used as a school for troubled kids, all the way up too 1986. Cant find anyone who has done this for 5 or 6 years and it's...
  9. shacklerurbex

    Hi from yorkshire

    Just joined so saying hi. Did first bit of exploring recently and will share video soon  :)