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  1. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA ArcelorMittal Acid Plant (12/19)

    Unsure of when this was built, but I believe it closed around 2013 and was left untouched and with power until it was demolished in July of 2020
  2. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Westmoreland Glass (1/2020)

    This manufactured milk glass & other decorative glass. It was open in 1889 & closed in 1985, since then, a few fires were set which rapidly speed-up the decay. The large furnace is the highlight, along with the stalls filled with broken glass in a variety of shades & colors
  3. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Train Wrecking Yard 10/2019

    This is located at an active company that scraps and rebuilds Locomotives
  4. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Mathies Mine Pt. 2 10/19

    Part 2 of the mine that I explored earlier
  5. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Mathies Mine 8/2019

    This is an underground coal mine that is approx. 37 km. Construction started in the early 40s and was named after a Medal of Honor recipient Archie Mathies, a former employee of the mine that was killed in an air crash in 1944. The mine has 9 entrances and was closed in 2002
  6. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Columbian Chemical 9/2019

    This company manufactured Carbon Black for use in the plastics industry, it closed in 2009 due to lack of demand.
  7. Beneficial-Cucumber

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  8. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Allen Box Co

    This was a rural cardboard box factory that operated from 1958 to 2015.
  9. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Eagle Mtn Railroad

    This was a railroad that lead from the iron ore mine in Eagle Mtn, to the terminus in Ferrum, a total of 51 miles, It was operated by the Kaiser Aluminum & Steel Corp from 1947 to 1986
  10. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA NAPCO Inc.

    This a new condensed report on a site I posted last month. This was a plant that made a compound used in the refractoring industry. I believe it was abandoned in the early 2000s, I couldn’t find that much info on it.
  11. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Shiloh River Corporation

    This was a non-hazardous, solid waste landfill used by the local mill, but only for a few years & was closed in 1999
  12. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA NAPCO Inc. pt 2

    These are the rest of the photos I took.
  13. Beneficial-Cucumber


    This was a plant that I believe made some kind of compound used in the refractoring industry. I believe it was abandoned sometime within the last 15 years, but I haven’t been able to find much info on it. (Image heavy) I will upload a pt 2
  14. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Veolia Industrial Water

    This plant treated the wastewater that was produced by the 5 Pickler at a steel mill. I believe it was closed sometime around 2013. The place was pretty much untouched by vandals or explorers. The mess inside was created by the demo crew as it is slated for demolition soon. Everything was left...
  15. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA RG Steel - Tiltonsville (Apr 2019)

    This was originally a tandem mill for Wheeling-Pitt steel when it was opened, after it's closure about 12 years ago, it was bought by another steel firm - RG, this lasted until 2012, after it's closure, several of the outer buildings were used by a fracking firm that eventually pulled out in...
  16. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Apartment Building PA (2/2019)

    I couldn't find much info on this, the interior was pretty stripped and bare. Some of the graffiti was killer though
  17. Beneficial-Cucumber

    Great Britain Gatehouse and Payroll Office of a Former Mill Site (2/2019)

    A building used by a payroll clerk & security guards, I believe that it was left sometime in the 80s. There wasn't much, but I found many passes and cards dated from 1940 on the floor. You can see some of the time card slots used by employees and manufactured by IBM.
  18. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Blast Furnace Bridge - PA (2/2019)

    Carrie Furnace Hot Metal Bridge. This spanned the Monongahela River to a large blast furnace complex which was abandoned in the 70s along with this bridge. It was built in 1900 and is 51 ft high. 
  19. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Abandoned Blast Furnace Bridge - PA Figured I'd just link the album here since it's eaisier, not used since the 70s
  20. Beneficial-Cucumber

    USA Browns Island - Former Mill Site(1-2/2019)

    (Image Heavy) Browns Island is located on a river in the Midwest, the island has a long, interesting history. It was noted by George Washington during his travels, and Meriwether Lewis from the Lewis and Clark Expedition camped there in 1803, on the site there's an ancient Native mound, and...