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  1. Merryprankster

    Red Sands Sea forts - Aug - 2018

    First report in a couple years, still been getting out and about but just been very busy with other life admin for reports, got a day at home on the sick twiddling my thumbs so thought i would write summit up about our trip to red sands last year. Did the trip with bigjobs, paradox, riddlers...
  2. Merryprankster

    Tansley wood mills - Lumsdale valley - june 2016

    first report in a while, been busy in france  :-D  + havent seen anything from this place so thought id share it. It was one of those lucky stumble upon by accident explores, which are always nice, certainly not epic to look at but its nice knowing every corner you walk round is going to be...
  3. Merryprankster

    CWM coke -Beddau - March -- 2016

    way over due writing an actual report, got a back log of about 20 reports at the minute but just cant find the time or the internet speed for uploading to flickr, spend most the week working away on the most basic hotel wifi youve ever seen then when the weekend comes around im always off...
  4. Merryprankster

    london 2015/2016

    had lovely evening down london-apart from the nightmare i had with the wet electric windows in my car and driving around london with all my windows opening and closing randomly and of their own accord! too many people to mention but yall no who you are :P   take it sleazy kids :D
  5. Merryprankster

    la maison de cheval - not france - summer 2014

    a derpy old house and stables i came across about 18 months ago whilst working down by bracknell kinda way, drove past a few months back and all the overgrown shit has been cleared out and looks like they are sorting shit out, didn't have a camera just my phone so apologies for the appalling...
  6. Merryprankster

    Selly oak hospital - Birmnigham- Jan 2016

    Evening Scabies and jelly spoons, hope everyones settling back into work alright. This place is on my doorstep but was never really fussed with it, as we all know its been major 2015 tour bus destination so you know what you're in for. Was kinda always saving this place for a rainy day when i...
  7. Merryprankster

    Shrub hill tunnel - Worcester - Jan 2016

    Evening kids, first report of the new year and as its my home town i kinda feel like i should make a bit of effort with this one. My long standing curiosity of what was on the other side of a certain wall in worcester was satisfied last night when i finally got around to hopping it and having a...
  8. Merryprankster

    Gods house - Worcester - summer 2015

    houses of god rooftops seem to be the flavour of the day so heres a couple from my myself and perjurys hometown of worcester back in the summer only got up one side as they were only working the SW tower, my old lady was actually up in the tower helping archive some of the library...
  9. Merryprankster

    Box Freestone Mine - Wiltshire - Dec 2015

    just a quick one, not going to write an esssay on this one as it's been done a hundered times and i really need to go do some christmas shopping! visited with 3 non memmbers before heading to certain social event around the corner. was a banging day, wanted to see box for ages and from what i...
  10. Merryprankster

    Faster flickring

    right dunno if anyone else does this but thought i'd share it as it halved my deleting stupid bbcodes times when linking from flickr, let's face it no one enjoys it it's just one of those mundane things we have to do, so as long as i have been writing reports i have always copied the whole...
  11. Merryprankster

    St Johns asylum- lincoln - Nov 2015

    ello again chaps and chapettes, i've already harped on about a load of nonsense nothing to do with the explore on my carlton theatre report so if you want some sort of personal intro and explanation about how the explore came about then id say go read the first paragraph of my carlton report and...
  12. Merryprankster

    Carlton Theatre - Hull - Nov 2015

    yoyoyo! whats going down kids? feels like its been ages since i fired up a report, feels like ages since id done any exploring until this last weekend to be honest, was buzzing when the fellas invited me along for the ride up north, been a boring few weeks tending to certain needs, didn't take...
  13. Merryprankster

    Dudley Guest Hospital - Sept -2015

    evening all hope everyone's cool, i'm bloody knackered so won't be writing an encyclopedia on this place! The explore Had a day of localish exploring around brum and finished the day up natwest tower, bloody nice day exploring, didnt get time to see the tunnels we wanted to but don't think...
  14. Merryprankster

    West brom Springs - Birmingham - Oct 2015

    Evening all, hope everyones all gravy, had a lovely couple days of urban and rural exploring over the weekend. Couldn't really be bothered with a big drive on saturday so stayed pretty local, been meaning to pop in here for ages but havent got around to it for one reason or another. Visited with...
  15. Merryprankster

    Chateau Verdure - France - Sept 2015

    Much like raws report-who i visited this with btw, can't find much history on the place, its a chateau, there's signs of restoration work started and then abandoned, the place is folding in on itself in places, couple of years and it will look like congo or nottenboum- visited on the rosbif 36 h...
  16. Merryprankster

    H15 - france - september 2015

    Evening all, hope we are all having a lovely juan. right it's been a week since RAWs went up and its been a couple o' few weeks since my last report so thought i'd fire something up from weekend before last weekends 36 hour hop into france. pretty banging 36 hours really, got round a prison, a...
  17. Merryprankster

    Theatre Varia - Belgium - July 2015

    Evening kids, another one from a little belgium trip a couple months back, got to admit the photos i saw of this place made it look a lot better than it actually was if i honest, was a little bit underwhelming, the projector is super cool, (especially as it has a tiny bit of film in it!) and...
  18. Merryprankster

    Chambre du Commerce - Antwerp - July - 2015

    This was top of my list of shit to see for a while, just my luck i should funk myself and my camera lens getting in the bloody place! struggled like funk to take photos in here, if there's one place you don't need a pissed lens it's in somewhere with as much symmetry as this, managed to cobble...
  19. Merryprankster

    Alla Italia - July - 2015

    Yup thats right ANOTHER alla italia report, same ceilings, same pillars, same copper bath rar rar rar. always loved the look of this place and was fairly near the top of the list for our little roadtrip, have to say as beautiful and grande the place looks its a shame its all fake as shit!, on...
  20. Merryprankster

    Haut Fourneau B (HFB) - Liege - July - 2015

    One of many good explores on a weekend jolly to belgium with raw and a curious george and a non member, lots of cool stuff over there to be fair, we whizzed around here and it still took us about 5 hours, you could easily spend a good 12h day if not more in this place. Gotta love big buckets of...