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    Bulgaria Exploring Metro System in Bulgaria (Chased by workers)

    We sneak into the new metro line in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. We walk in tunnels full with machines for about an hour. They work there 24/7, and we were spotted by the workers, and they start chase us. While the workers get down from the scaffold we escape easily. Visited November 2018.
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    Bulgaria Abandoned Press - visited june 2019

    Found some interesting stuffs inside. Old photos, books, documents..
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    Hungary Budapest Townhouse - May 2019

    Awesome! Thanks for share!
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    Bulgaria Handstand and hanging on chimney

    Me and my friend Kiril make extreme stunts on abandoned chimney.
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    Hungary Abandoned Courthouse, Hungary - May 2019

    Yes, the most interesting is lion statue and room with the map.
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    Unfinished metro tunnels, February 2014.

    Great! Thanks for share!
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    Belgium Night in Antwerp metro

    Great shots!
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    Hungary Abandoned Courthouse, Hungary - May 2019

    Exploring old courthouse. Found room of homeless, man graffiti and big lion statue.
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    Bulgaria Ghost town in Bulgaria like a Pripyat - June 2019

    Ghost town in Bulgaria like a Pripyat, planned for 4000 peoples. In 1986 start build it for workers in new nuclear power plant. After communism fall the project is frozen.
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    Abandoned mechanical engineering school

    Exploring abandoned mechanical engineering school in very good condition.
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    Extreme juggling on the edge - 60 meters tall building

    This is one of the most attractive rooftop in my hometown Gabrovo. Try new extreme stunt - walking on the edge and juggling. Concentration and confidence in yourself, without the right to mistake.
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    Handstand on 100m high Chimney

    My friend Kiril make handstand at the top of 100m high abandoned chimney. Concentration, strength and courage!
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    Infiltration in working power plant to climb 120 m chimney

    Thank you! It was great adventure!
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    Infiltration in working power plant to climb 120 m chimney

    Before 3 years when we start to climb, this chimney look like us impossible. And now after 3 years we can say from the top: It was difficult, but who know how, can make it always. In first try we was spotted by workers and talk whit them. We told him, we are photographers and they say us to...