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    Westmount College - visited various 2013-14

    Originally named Mount Ellis, built for Joseph Ellis in 1865, and was reverted to Westmount College, a Dover College junior branch, in 1898. Shan't bore you with the full history as there have already been posts on this location before. Hope you all enjoy... Opinions welcomed!
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    Oil Mills West - EOS 650 35mm 2011

    A few film shots I've taken from Oil Mills West: I won't bother with the history as its been put on here enough. Top 4 taken with a 8mm Samyang Fisheye, using a 35mm film it was true 8mm as opposed to my crop sensor dslr giving a reading of 12.8mm, this meant I had to crop into the...
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    Golgotha Train Tunnel & Graveyard May 2010

    The line from Shepherdswell to Eythorne was originally going to be a line running across flat land around a small hill, however due to disagreements with a landowner, the 550 yard tunnel was excavated to make the connection between the stations. Approaching from Shepherdswell, you find yourself...
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    Great Britain Rd of Remembrance & Folkestone Harbour - 2009

    The Road of Remembrance bunker lies midway on the Road of Remembrance, and it was used as a WW2 naval communication centre. It was originally built with 2 entrances, a number of toilets, and a ventilation room directly above the complex. There are still the remains of WW2 posters up around the...
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    Great Britain Underneath Fitzwilliam Gate - 30/8/09

    To make my life a whole lot easier: ( ... 4533126719) It was during the reign of Henry II that the castle began to take recognisable shape. The inner and outer baileys and the great Keep belong to this time. Maurice the Engineer was responsible for...
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    Can anyone recommend this camera???

    Ok, Im a complete amateur, but On a quick google search, The aperture only goes up to 5, it doesnt have the option of detatchable lenses, and the shutter speed only goes up to 8 secs. That means 8 secs would be your longest possible exposure, so light painting wouldnt be great unless you was...
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    Dover Equipment.

    Ive posted this once already but ive been in and had a good chat with the bloke today. He has a small corner of the lovely Dover indoor market, selling air guns, combats, boots, knives, war memo, bags etc. He is a really nice chap, Mark Patman his name is. Ive given him the site name and told...
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    Equipment for nutters

    Mostly crazy stuff but has some torches and balaclavas and things Is a funny site to check out
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    Guilford Shaft. Dover. 02.11.08

    Ah im jealous! I'd love to do this place All your pictures look great mate, nice lighting
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    Xbox Owners!

    Ahhh sweet thanks LittleO
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    Great Britain Re: Fort Burgoyne Visit Report - 20/12/08

    Im upset guys I wanted to come :cry: Let me know next time, it seems you went a bit of a strange way in and out lol Ive got two maps on my phone that come in handy let me know if you want them?
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    Great Britain Undisclosed Location - Tunnels & HUGE well 3/12/2008

    I cannot give the location of this site out, as amazingly, it is under my friends cellar in his house! Lucky lad! I popped down today to take some pictures, it has been covered on underground kent, but rather boringly, so I thought id jazz the place up a little, and it was good practise for me...
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    canon macro lens.

    I did have this thread because id lost my lens since then my mum told me when she went on a walk in a strop the other day a farmer stopped her asking if she dropped anything in the field, that was saturday, i thought might be worth a poke, gave him a ring and he said funnily enough it is a...
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    tripod hellppp!!!!!

    Hey, im currently lugging around some beast of a tripod. made by Cullmann, it does the job, but its big and its heavy. Does any one know of a cheapish, sturdy one that is a bit smaller, when i met everyone i noticed how much smaller their tripods are to mine so ive decided i need a change haha...
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    A band i watched in wales

    i have some family in wales and went for a weekend away met this band in a town called caerphilly. i wasnt really into this sort of music, until i saw it and heard it live, what a buzz! check them out.
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    Dovers WWI and some WW2 history

    My dads friend has created a website all about Dovers history in world war 1 and 2, hes done a shit load of research getting the names of hundreds of soldiers, helping people trace back their family members who were involved in the war. He has funded the site himself and has fought off dover...