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  1. Matt Inked

    RAF Fauld underground munitions storage depot - Late 2012

    Nice set of shots. :thumb When I was scrolling down all I could think of was the Song "Maniac" from Flashdance ;)
  2. Matt Inked

    Leeds Girls School - Leeds - (January 2015)

    Visited With Hamtagger and Session9 Now Public thanks to the wonderful world of Social Media. :) After a successful morning in York and Leeds we decided to head for our "Main Splore of the Day" We decided that this weekend was the time to get the old girl done before it becomes impossible to...
  3. Matt Inked

    Terry's Chocolate Factory - York (January 2015)

    Visited with Hamtagger and Session9 The main reason I wanted to go here was for the stairs (And I took about 70 pictures of them all together) We left Lincolnshire early as always, driving down the motorway half asleep en route to York to pick Session9 up for our "First splore of the day"...
  4. Matt Inked

    Muscovy duck - 2015

    That's why she married me ;)
  5. Matt Inked

    Muscovy duck - 2015

    For some reason I was picturing a factory for Petroleum Jelly and imagining lubed up German Dudes... Nice shots! :thumb
  6. Matt Inked

    Mote Park Mine, Maidstone, Kent - Oct 2014 - Jan 2015

    Looks nice and dangerous mate :thumb Decent shots too :)
  7. Matt Inked

    Tolly Cobbold Cliff Brewery - Ipswich (December 2014) January 2015

    Visited with Hamtagger and Session9 After a cold night in Severalls and considering exploring a close by Hospital (That we soon found out wasn't derelict) we decided to head over to Tolly Cobbald Brewery. By this time we had been awake for about 40 hours and been to the poshest McDonalds on...
  8. Matt Inked

    Millennium Tower and Holiday Inn, Salford Quays - June 2014 (Visited March 2014)

    I agree with everyone else, these shots are so sharp you could cut glass with them :thumb and I absolutely love shots from roofs. Nice one!
  9. Matt Inked

    Mote Park Mine Kent december 2014

    Nice set of photos mate! I still need to get my backside down a mine.
  10. Matt Inked

    Great Britain Crookham Court (Dec 2014)

    Nice report mate! I love how vandals can never spell properly too ;) Looking forward to seeing more from you.
  11. Matt Inked

    GRS Network Paris Catacombs December 2014

    Incredible shots mate! I'm guessing you didn't watch As Above, So Below before going here ;)
  12. Matt Inked

    Severalls Asylum (Night) - January 2015 (Visited December 2014)

    Visited with Hamtagger and Session9 It's been a while, but I'm back and I'm staying here for good. 2015 should be full of awesome explores so I'll be posting a lot more often on here now. Severalls was one of the first places I ever wanted to do but due to distance it took a while to happen...
  13. Matt Inked

    Lincoln Cathedral Roof, Lincolnshire - (Jun 2014) Jan 2015

    Haha, I completely forgot about that too. It still hurts now sometimes if I bang it on something. At least I got a souvenir ;)
  14. Matt Inked

    Lincoln Cathedral Roof, Lincolnshire - (Jun 2014) Jan 2015

    It was Ass-Twitching indeed. I think I nearly dropped my phone about 3 times up there.
  15. Matt Inked

    Lincoln Cathedral - Lincoln - June 2014

    Thanks :) It was worth it anyway, I'm just glad it wasn't a broken leg or something.
  16. Matt Inked

    Lincoln Cathedral - Lincoln - June 2014

    It was awesome, I lived in Lincoln most of my life and always thought about how good going to the top would be. It doesn't help that it's situated on a hill thats 238 feet above the rest of the town so it feels even higher when you're up there.
  17. Matt Inked

    Lincoln Cathedral - Lincoln - June 2014

    Visited with Hamtagger After a recce 2 days previous we were itching to scale the Cathedral walls like ninjas. With cameras surrounding the building and nosey neighbours in every house, we knew we needed to be careful. The fact that the building is 700 years old made me a bit paranoid that if...
  18. Matt Inked

    Wigston Swimming Pool/Harpers Fitness - Wigston, Leicestershire - May 2014

    This was quite a strange explore. There is some really impressive Grafitti here, And I used to live about 2 minutes away so it was nice coming back here. There's also power too. Visited with Hamtagger, Session9 and Catbalou History Lesson One day there was a swimming pool, people swam, some...
  19. Matt Inked

    Frank Whittle's Factory - Whetstone, Leicestershire - May 2014

    From the outside (And pretty much inside too) this is the most undesirable place I have explored. The factory is trashed, full of Asbestos, radiation and grafitti. But it was easy to do and it ticks another place off the list. Visited with Hamtagger, Session9 and Catbalou History Lesson...
  20. Matt Inked

    Nettleham Hall, Lincolnshire - May 2014

    I wasn't sure about Nettleham Hall to begin with because I heard it's just ruins and not worth it, but it's not a bad place for a nice chilled out explore. It was impossible to find on Google maps but once I got to the gates I knew where I was. It would have been a nice place to visit when...