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  1. Bonesout

    Twitter away?

    I've had a poke around here and unless I've missed it, which is probable, I can't see anything for members twitter accounts apart from the odd one in signatures. I would be interested in anyones splorer related rants and ravings real time, to relieve the boredom of everyday normality.
  2. Bonesout

    Belgium Bicycle tour various locations July 13'

    Following on from Mooksters rather excellent recent report from our trip across the pond, allow me to give you bicycle porn and derps from erbex's most visited. So I will spare any history, it's all well known. Fun filled with excellent company, as this hobby should be, two and a half days...
  3. Bonesout

    Bawdsey ROTOR bunker, July 13'

    After a rather splendid weekend exploring across the pond, to say I had itchy feet would be an understatement, so after a nod from Ant, off we went to explore one of my favourite things........ a cold war ROTOR bunker, that we all know, never existed, right :-) I have externals of the site...