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  1. coolboyslim

    Great Britain Loomer Road Stadium, Newcastle Under Lyme - December 2019

    Hi all something a little different from me but i still hope you enjoy. This was a moouch with @gronk to see this place thats just closed down. It was also a greyhound track and was a decent mooch so i thought i would upload it and let you see it. History from wiki Loomer Road Stadium is a...
  2. coolboyslim

    Prudential Assurance Building - Oldham dec 2017

    Whats This a report from me NOOOOOO Wayyyy lol. Sorry aint been upping much hopefully that will change. Anyways i know a few been here etc but thought i would up mine. History: Not much im afraid and i aint copying anyone else. What i do know is a pub/club was underneath and its been up for...
  3. coolboyslim

    Millwood Primary Special School Bury - April 2016

    Ok this has been planning to be upped for a while but lost the pics till now lol. @bolts and @Stitch2016 where with me and bloody hell learned where he got his name from on this mad has hell adventure.... History i have none other than it was for disbaled kids and special needs. Ok let me tell...
  4. coolboyslim

    Great Britain St. John the Baptist School, Wigan MAY 2015

    Ok time to get some stuff up outta my large back log lol. History seems a little weak on this but im sure you know it by now. Explore : Ok took 2 atempts due to gardeners round back being nosey lol. And also the original planned way was sealed. Overall was a decent mooch @stranton joined me on...
  5. coolboyslim

    Manchester RoofTops Night - April 2016

    Hi all bout time i stuck some stuff up .. These are some nice roof shots over Manchester. I hope you all enjoy. Its a mixture of places and cant really do history has its roof stuff. But taken over manny with @stranton in tow. Was some good shots so that's why i am uploading them. Sorry for...
  6. coolboyslim

    Horror Underground Manchester - March 2016

    Hi all this is a cool little place. Its the barton undercroft in manchester. I couldent wait to give it an awesome title name cause well its an abaondoned horror walk also now lol. Very cool. Anyway on with some history. History The arcade was listed as a Grade II* listed building on the 25...
  7. coolboyslim

    Great Britain Birch Hill Hospital Rochdale Feb 2016

    Ok thought i would check this out. Its not been done in a little while so not sure what i was going to find. Explore. Well fun to be had here. Once i was close noticed it was all scaffy up and a lot of workers flying about. Its as you would call it in full flow. So my first intinct was to say...
  8. coolboyslim

    Great Britain Top of Hilton Manchester.

    Just some shots off my phone from top of Hilton. Slightly higher than cloud 23. Via some nice bit of luck Sorry for pic quality was totally unprepared for how far I got. Plus the heavy snow was a killer. Anyhow enjoy and thx for looking
  9. coolboyslim

    Fourgates Primary School Westhoughton SEPT 2015

    History borrowed from @Lavino has there is nothing else on this i could find. Hope you dont mind m8ty. The long established St John's, Wingates CE Primary & Fourgates County Primary schools were closed in 2004 following amalgamation to form The Gates CP School. The place has remaining...
  10. coolboyslim

    Great Britain St John the evangelist Church - DEC 2015

    Hi all a nice new report from me on a recent explore. This is a cracking little church with some awesome stuff still left and very photographic. And seeing has its close to christmas this seems like a good time to do it and post it. Some awesome stuff here like the tower and the bell. In what i...
  11. coolboyslim

    Williamsons Fire and rescue Equipment Oldham - July 2015

    Another nice little report. Visited here with @ACID- REFLUX and Reich. Not got a clue really on place but decided what the hell. After drains all day why not have a building it was getting quite late but was a good night. Have to also say that without Reich It may not have happened. Anyways...
  12. coolboyslim

    Hartford Mill - July 2015

    Ok me and @ACID-REFLUX decided to check this place out while we where doing some other stuff. And has the weather was really nice the roof looked a good spot to check out. Anyway we soon descovered the place is a death trap literary. During looking for some history i found a news report about an...
  13. coolboyslim

    Latvian Consulate - Chorley - Dec 2014

    Ok time for one of my very very early reports lol. Tourist central but was great has never been at the time. Now its been burned up has far as i know. I know its been done a lot but hopefully i may have something of intrest we will see. History this is all i could dig up. the home of...
  14. coolboyslim

    St.Thomas Hospital- January 2015

    Intro. Ok not got this up here so with some tweaks here is my post on this place. Went here with just the missus at first. And after finding ways in etc. I decided it was to big for just us and called in some friends. It went smooth and was damn good explore lights where on and cctv up. But...
  15. coolboyslim

    Scout Mine - Oct 2015

    History Borrowed from other reports etc has cant find anything on this. Its a really nice size with lots of ways to go. Also seems a lot of extra sections have been opened up by cavers who have dug out the cave ins etc. Not to sure but deffo seems bigger than before. As with most of the...
  16. coolboyslim

    Leeds Girls High School - Sep 15

    Ok wanted to see this for a while so at 2 am decided to go look. Visited with acid reflux even though he stayed in car has he was shattered and stranton. Explore. Ok work is well on way here with lots of the building ripped up and several outside buildings now rubble. But most was still here...
  17. coolboyslim

    High Royds Hospital - Sept 15

    Here is a nice one for you to enjoy. Explore: This was so bloody funny. The place is a dog walkers and watchers paradise its very live lets just say that. Went with acid reflux and stranton. We did a look round and all looked lost has its a bit fort knox and people looking outa houses etc lol...
  18. coolboyslim

    Murphys Machinery-Leeds-September 2015

    Another report for you all. History: Only thing i could find was this. Established in 1926, G.L. Murphy was a family run business and supplied bespoke machinery to the tanning industry, as well as building rag cutting and cable stripping machinery. The company also provide refurbishment and...
  19. coolboyslim

    Moorcock Inn - Lancashire - Jan 2015

    The Explore ... Got there after i nice walk from the village and was quite surprised by how big and cool looking it was. And at first it looked it quite good condition. But that soon changed. In i went cam ready first rooms where ok and in fairly good condition. The bar was great and the dome...
  20. coolboyslim

    Brunner Mond Soda Ash Works-June 2015

    The explore Ok here is another. This place wow what a nightmare lol. Visited with Rose(Missus) and Reich Not sure member here yet but he has gone quiet at moment with new job. What a bloody laugh this was. At first everything was fine Reich was climbing i was inside next thing bloody dogs...