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    Great Britain Hougham Battery Dressing Station, 2018

    When you hit a dry spell exploring, or feel the need to just get out and do something, you can always rely on Dover providing for a good day. This is probably my 5th trip down to dover over the years and it has always provided something fun to do! I can remember being told about Hougham years...
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    Great Britain HMS Forward, Sussex 2019

    Always wanted to visit this one, took me ten years to finally do it! Worth it though. Bit of history: On the 20th June 1940, the Guinness Trust Holiday Home at South Heighton (Newhaven) became a Royal Naval headquarters under the formal title of HMS Forward. Under its command was HMS...
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    France Saint-leu-d'Esserent V1 Quarry, France

    Another massive quarry from a trip to France last year. They don't half make 'em big! Bit o history I managed to glean from French websites: The underground quarry of St-Leu-d'Esserent is located in the department of Oise and originally opened for the extraction of limestone for building...
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    Great Britain Whitchurch Hospital 2019

    Visited back in January to relive the good old days. History: Cardiff was initially very reluctant to spend money on building its own lunatic asylum and was boarding its patients at The County Asylum in Bridgend. By the turn of the twentieth century Cardiff had continued with this out-sourcing...
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    France Hennocque V2 Storage Quarry, France 2018

    This place was huge. Like seriously huge. Makes Box look like a shoe cupboard! Visited last year. History: The history of the Hennocque quarry pre-dates World War Two and takes its name from the family who operated the quarry for three generations under their family business, Aubin-Hennocque...
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    Sinaia Bobsleigh / Skeleton Track, Prahova County, Romania

    I didn't go to Romania with the intention for exploring, I went for a good friends wedding and hadn't even looked at the possibility of skulking around a derp. It turns out on our drive up into the mountains of Prahova, there is an abundance of derelict buildings, closed factories and other...
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    France Feste Prinz Regent Luitpold, France - 2017

    This was our first Metz German Fortification of the day and it did not disappoint. GF L'Yser is filled with murals and paintings, which are incredible and fortunately survive after nearly 100 years. Visited with @flat and a few other non-members History: The Feste Prinz Regent Luitpold...
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    France Group Fortification Verdun, 2017

    Visited recently on my first foray over to the European side of life (can't believe it has taken so long). It was excellent / cold in the snow! History: On May 9, 1899, Kaiser Wilhelm II laid the first stone of Fort St. Blaise. Group Fortification Verdun group is built on top of two hills, it...
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    AEI / WT Henley's Cable Works Deep Shelter, 2017

    I know little of the History tbh. Built during the war as a shelter for the AEI Henleys Cable Works (which would have been an awesome explore) and could hold around 2000 people allegedly; the tunnels were built into old Caves in the Rosherville gardens that occupied the land between the cable...
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    Tower Colliery, May 2017

    Another one from our venture around Wales. This was an 'if we have time' stop and I am glad we swerved Mid Wales for this. It is trashed, but I have missed out on the Collieries and it was an interesting wander. Bumped into a few other people there, so it was good to put a few names to faces...
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    RAF Kemble 2017

    Swung through here on the way back from Wales and went straight up the tower. History stolen from Wiki             
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    Bron Y Grath Vagrants Wing - May 2017

    Visited at the start of our Wales trip back in May. Wanting to see this is what inspired the whole trip to be honest, it is probably one of the best things I have seen in a while, it looks untouched for decades. It must have been a grim place to have ended up in.         
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    Wales Road Trip 2017 (Video)

    We apologise, we made a video. We couldn’t help ourselves. But with the advent of cheap FoPro’s and easy to access editing software, it seemed like a good thing to try out. We have jumped on the bandwagon and joined the 1.4 million other urban exploration videos on Youtube. So here it is, a...
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    West Ham Magistrates’ and Coroners’ Court, Stratford 2017

    Awesome mooch about. Proper derpy and very photographic. History:  The West Ham court house, also know as West ham Magistrates’ or West ham Police and Coroner’s court, is a Yellow brick Victorian era Italianate Court house built in 1884 and officially opened in 1885. The complex of buildings...
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    Leri Tweed Mill

    Great little place, full of natural decay scattered with bursts of vibrant colour. Used to make Tweed for the local population, then became a tourist attraction. Closed sometime in the 80s. Part of a recent trip to Wales. Thank for the heads up on this one to those that answered my questions...
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    RAF Neatishead (Permission) 2016

    A friend managed to organise some access to Neatishead recently.  It started out as a WW2 RADAR station, continued as a RADAR station during the cold war, complete with many bunkers, and now acts as an internet router for the remote RADAR on the Norfolk coast.   A slightly more comprehensive...
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    Tone Mill, Wellington 2016

    If you are going to visit one, you may as well visit the other. This place is a time warp, complete with pulley driven machines and old equipment mainly constructed out of wood and half finished cloth still in the line.  Being left empty for a while, it now has a great atmosphere. On the way...
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    Tonedale Mill, Wellington 2016

    I have to admit, I am not always that good at hitting the road and seeing places I really want to see.  For this reason, I have missed Asylums, Industries and other random places that have looked cool.  The Fox Brother mills in Wellington have been on my list since they first appeared, but being...
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    Great Britain Acid House, Surrey 2016

    It's only taken me about 3 years to bother getting here.  I really should have got here sooner, oh well, it was interesting none the less and made for a good Wednesday mooch Noe demolished to make way for housing Untitled by Nick, on Flickr Untitled by Nick, on Flickr Untitled by Nick, on...
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    RAF West Raynham 2016

    After making a revisit to RRH Neatishead to climb the RADAR I decided that seeing an old RAF Airbase should be seen.  West Raynham seemed like the best choice of the Norfolk Airfields. It was a chilled explore, saw no one else on site and the PIR cameras that the industrial estate uses don't...