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  1. Mockingbird

    The Old Rectory Carehome January 2016

    Hey folks sorry I have not posted in sometime been rather busy with so many trips an projects at the moment. Here is a wonderful decaying carehome, its closure was around 2000 an since natural decay has set in wonderfully, maybe too much as when you reach the top of the main staircase dont turn...
  2. Mockingbird

    The Serviceman's Residence - November 2015

    Every so often you come across something unseen from forums or even the internet before, an considering I love exploring old houses this one I could not pass up on again, I first noticed this place a few months ago driving past it then a few weeks ago the other half remembered about it, as I had...
  3. Mockingbird

    George & Barnsley - Cornish Works - October 2015

    What a place! I dont often favour these types of places, but this one was a must from ever seeing it once on the forums a few years back, still to this day I loved it and have a new soft spot for places like this. Inside its a mini death trap with soggy pigeon poo soaked floors, but it has...
  4. Mockingbird

    The House Of Grimm - October 2015

    Probably one of my favourite locations this year! well up there with some of my favs anyway... An old farmhouse and the owner dont care about it :( but inside its a brilliant treasure of a place, upon entering I went through the floor (ankle deep) as I left the room I then went through the...
  5. Mockingbird

    La Di Da Manor - October 2015

    Had a heads up from a mate about this place, so decided to have a nose around early one morning... VERY CLEAN! After spending some time in Sheffield I was on route back down the country, an after a quick scope of access, I then parked up in another nearby field and caught a few hours kip...
  6. Mockingbird

    RAF Upwood - October 2015

    Yep another RAF Upwood post sorry folks! I had ventured around here late last year and easily got booted off by Mr estate car, since then its been active due to that medical facility but sadly not do-able an half collapsed. Anyway after the airsoft players finished in I ventured an spotted...
  7. Mockingbird

    The Vagrancy Cells - October 2015

    Awoke early down a farmers track at 6am, cold an legs numb from the sleep in the car, this place was on my list so it was time to tick it off. I rather enjoyed seeing these myself as from peoples pics here an there across the web, light painted like mad in here to even get a shot I was pleased...
  8. Mockingbird

    A Small Mortuary - October 2015

    Hey folks! Have not posted in awhile so thought I would share a fair amount of places, I have visited over the past few months. This place I was keen to visit, I dont really like hospitals much but this small place caught my eye, mainly for those luxury tray pillows ;) I heard its now sealed...
  9. Mockingbird

    Last House On The Left - September 2015

    Not my usual way to spend 30mins or so, but the place seemed curious when passing, so popping inside finding odd trinkets and going up the stairs, it soon began to feel like it could cave in, inside is all light painted which showed a wall mural, (minus light through doors/ceiling) outside a...
  10. Mockingbird

    Portrait Of Gloom Farmhouse - August 2015

    I had driven past this farmhouse 12 times last year, on route to other places in Norfolk, past Cambridgeshire alike an not once did I have a real big urge to take a peek, it wasn't until a friend took a few externals an shots through the window, that it finally seemed worthy of my time. So...
  11. Mockingbird

    Calcott Hall - August 2015

    Unsure what I should really name this? :confused: An abandoned dairy farm, missing that red dress (which was more pink) and some large amounts of decay in rooms... A lovely afternoon spent walking around, admiring the decay and bits an bobs that laid scattered about, certainly worth your time...
  12. Mockingbird

    Bellerbys School - August 2015

    Most people know about this place and have seen it pop up almost everywhere this year, I may be hated for this but it just did not do nothing for me this place, I only liked the ceilings mainly, the best part for me was basically being a ninja an walking around trying not to make noise at silly...
  13. Mockingbird

    Mortuary Wakefield - August 2015

    Checking a few other places before getting back to Manchester, decided to pay a quick visit to this place, the decay inside is lovely an rather slippery, spent a good hour inside picking out some details I liked most. Surprised I got the shots I did in here, but its quiet around here at 8pm at...
  14. Mockingbird

    The Symphony Cottage - August 2015

    Been awhile since I posted on here, so thought I would put a few places up I had been to earlier this year and likewise. A rural cottage, once home to a hoarder, lots to see an loads to photograph, could of spent ages in here, but more gems like this awaited us on the trip. Upstairs was packed...
  15. Mockingbird

    Englands Finest Hell House - June 2015

    So here is a place I did last year, an recently went back to find most of the original items missing :( anyway best not to dwell on the past an focus on the present. This place was rotten, you could not find a worse place to venture inside, with dry dog Sh!T everywhere, an huge spiders and...
  16. Mockingbird

    The Actors Orphanage - June 2015

    So I was rather lucky to have around 4 hours of undisturbed exploring inside here, despite a half naked model on the stairs and a photographer inside shouting "bit more". It seemed secca had the day off, as the hours passed more explorers turned up who each came in two's and threes. I have to...
  17. Mockingbird

    Hey from kent!

    Hey everyone, ive been posting on the fb group page for awhile now an decided to share full sets and photos with some history (that i know) of some of the places ive visited and seen, I travel up an down the country at least once a month as hardly anything is good in kent anymore. Been doing...
  18. Mockingbird

    The Gunmans Cottage - June 2015

    This place was alongside the road on route to another explore, the initial idea was to leave this place after the outside looked rubbish, but our target for the day was a no go, so we traveled back an decided to nose around to see if we can get inside. After peeking through dark curtains, we...
  19. Mockingbird

    A Magpies Collection - June 2015

    Hey everyone finally joined up here, an thought id start by sharing this place, visited awhile ago now, an loved it to be honest but recently its been the target of vandals who have trashed and stolen a fair amount of things from here, so thought I would share this place as I found it, last...