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  1. Timster1973

    The artist's villa - visited November 2014

    Evening all, Last place we visited in November's tour of Italy was this place. Not sure on the history but it was a dark, rainy morning and had to be accessed early doors due to the built up neighbourhood. Nothing else really to add but the photos. Still got some more to process but this is...
  2. Timster1973

    Non Plus Ultra - visited September 2014

    Afternoon all, Another place visited on our last day in September which was a familiar spot on many peoples list is Non Plus Ultra. This castle owes it's current decor due to the work of one man who renovated and expanded the building during the 19th century. Its a bit of an overload on the...
  3. Timster1973

    Villa PDO - visited September 2014

    Evening all, Long time since I posted anything and as you may already know I don't process that quick so got about 40 active locations of photos to still process bits from. This place was visited on our last day during our first of two trips to Italy last year. Not sure why it was abandoned...
  4. Timster1973

    Villa Corrina - visited September 2014

    Evening all, Not getting through stuff very quickly as per usual. Means I have a lot to process which keeps me occupied for months but creates a bit of a backlog. This place in the Italian countryside was visited during our first of two trips to Italy in the latter part of 2014. No history but...
  5. Timster1973

    Madonna Delle Vigne - visited November 2014

    Evening all, A very small, but beautiful round chapel in the Italian countryside was visited as part of our trip in November. Beauty of a ceiling which is the main event as its a brief stop judging by the photos I've seen before of this. Visited with Dursty, John and Mike. 1. 2. 3...
  6. Timster1973

    Bulgaria - Elementary School - visited August 2014

    Evening all, On our run of countries visited this year, one of our trips on the way to see Budzludzha saw us visiting a few other locations. Pretty much in the same condition as the mig school but the sheep were using the ground floor. Not much left and had to be really creative with what was...
  7. Timster1973

    Royal GR - 2014

    Evening all, This was a permission visit somewhere in Belgium. I'm sure you've seen some of this before around the net but in the back of beyond is this old garage. The owner's father owned a lot of the cars before him for about 60 years and this guy was knocking on himself so gives you an...
  8. Timster1973

    The Blue Chapel - visited September 2014

    Evening all, Another report this weekend from a brief visit at the end of the day. The light was leaving us fast and we had to be quick as we had about an hours worth of daylight left to shoot this place. We had a bit of a drive to get to the last 2 day's worth of locations that we had planned...
  9. Timster1973

    Red Cross Hospital - visited September 2014

    Evening all, Seems like my 2nd report from Italy is another hospital. This is quite a well known spot in Italy but still quite photogenic. Abandoned sometime ago and was previously used by the Red Cross to treat children hence the amount of dormitories. The famous chapel, which the red cross...
  10. Timster1973

    Colonia IL / Crying Baby Hospital - visited September 2014

    Evening all, First Italy report from me, as you know I don't process quickly so I have quite a lot of backlog to get through plus another trip next week to contend with so its a busy time. So off the flight in the later afternoon and this was our sleeping place / first morning explore. This...
  11. Timster1973

    Bulgaria - the MIG school - visited August 2014

    Hey all, Another location finished albeit a small one. What was quite a hot morning after an epic 5 hours in Buzludzha, we hit this school which had a MIG in the grounds. The school itself was a bit of a mess and didn't hold for much epicness so we took little photos and had a rest outside on a...
  12. Timster1973

    Alla Italia - visited August 2014

    Evening all, Another set more or less finished. A bit quicker finishing this set as I normally process from different sets of locations rather than concentrate on one. With Italy coming shortly, I thought I'd sort another location out plus I enjoyed processing these. History Been on the...
  13. Timster1973

    The Zombie Hospital - visited March 2014

    Evening alll, Another set finished from March's tour of Germany. This hospital was a last minute shoe in and looked quite trashed from the outside and also the bottom floor but as we went on, there was some nice details to be had right throughout. Looks like a zombie apocalypse happened in...
  14. Timster1973

    The Lost Skate - visited May 2014

    Morning all, Visited this as part of our May tour. Very dark and trashed inside and as you can imagine, a vast space on the actual rink itself. Spent a lot of time wandering around to see what there was. The only light for the rink was a few small holes in the cavernous roof. A few photos were...
  15. Timster1973

    Bulgaria - Theatre - Visited August 2014

    Evening all, Part of our trip in August to Bulgaria to visit Buzludzha, we visited this old theatre. No history found but a nice explore while waiting for the coach parties to leave the mountain and the roadblocks to be lifted. Thanks for looking in.
  16. Timster1973

    Pripyat Firestation and Junkyard - visited April 2014

    Evening all, Part of the first full day we went to the Police and Firestation and junkyard attached to the Police station. The majority of the photos were taken in the junkyard as it was a little dark in the police cells. Next time will do a proper recce of the police station (if I can slip...
  17. Timster1973

    Pripyat town - Hospital MScH - visited April 2014

    Evening all, As you already know from my previous Chernobyl village report, I was part of a 35 man group which went in April. Part of the trip was two full days mooching in Pripyat which is the main objective for anyone especially with access to buildings too. We were basically taken here and...
  18. Timster1973

    Villa Heil - visited May 2014

    Another report from the last Belgium infiltration and this place was a stop on the second day but unfortunately we were spotted and were sent out. We came back on the way to the ferry on the Sunday and did it instead. A couple of hours mooch around here, some nice spots inside. Think that the...
  19. Timster1973

    Dr Gentiles - visited May 2014

    Evening all, Another location and one that was previously doing the rounds was Dr Gentiles in Belgium. On late arrival it seems that the family or custodians had been around to cut the grass and pack things up as it was looking a lot cleaner and much missing following other photos I had seen...
  20. Timster1973

    Kasteel Hogemeyer - Visited May 2014

    Evening all, One stop from May involved stopping at this well known place that I've never been close to before so we stopped here for an hour or so. No history that I know but it looks like the previous owner liked cars and judging by those using it now, some form of restoration has been...