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  1. SpiderMonkey

    Great Britain Cranebank Training Centre - Jan 2021

    Some lovely photos in there! Love the message in the dust. How does one complete non-public?
  2. SpiderMonkey

    Germany Zeche HR - May 2019

    As @obscureserenity said, they are raised baskets that pretty much act as lockers, I think? They can be raised up and down from a chain at the bottom and are secured with lock and key. 
  3. SpiderMonkey

    Germany Zeche HR - May 2019

    Before heading to this colliery, we had been viewing photos of the recent demolition. Images of headstocks lying crumpled on the ground didn't exactly give us much hope, but without any other options until much later in the day, we headed on to see if there was at least a scrap of something nice...
  4. SpiderMonkey

    Spain Central Termica Power Station - Alcudia, Mallorca - July 2018

    Amazing. I've always wanted to go to this one, but there doesn't seem to be an abundance of derps over that way :( great stuff though. 
  5. SpiderMonkey

    Austria Diesel Centrale, Austria - June 2018

    Visited this one with @AndyK! and @darbians as the first real stop on a big week-long derp bonanza of some sort, after two fails the day before this (after a 12+ hour drive).  We had checked it out the night before, without much luck, so as it was getting late, and we were all suffering massive...
  6. SpiderMonkey

    Germany Peppermint Powerplant - April 2017

    Peppermint Powerplant -  The plant was purpose built to aid a neighboring paper mill, which closed at the same time as the power plant. It contains a single Siemens set, which looks great in peppermint green. This was a fairly quick walk around because the place is so small, I didn't even...
  7. SpiderMonkey

    North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary

    A Little History - The NSRIs roots go back to a dispensary which opened in 1804, the first public hospital in North Staffordshire. The dispensary allowed sick patients to get diagnosis and treatment, and provided vaccination for smallpox, eventually the hospital grew to facilitate fever...
  8. SpiderMonkey

    Power Plant X, Luxembourg - April 2017

    These two old power stations sit on the edge of a live steelworks site. There is some really impressive old industry to see here, including a massive old gas engine hall which still contains one huge engine, which was actually the biggest of its kind in the world.  All that's left of the other...
  9. SpiderMonkey

    France Chateau Stromae - April 2017

    Another tasty french chateau today. Really enjoyed this place, and I had wanted to go back here for a while as last year we were only able to access one room :( It's a bit of an interesting one, as each room seems to be set in a different style from one another, and this provides for an...
  10. SpiderMonkey

    France Chateau Sarco - April 2017

    First report from the latest trip abroad! This old mansion sits in a small village, the gates are wide open and the locals don't seem to even care about it. The highlight here was definitely the grand entrance hall, surrounded by pillars, red carpet, grand staircase, and a lumiere-esque balcony...
  11. SpiderMonkey

    France Chateau Poseidon - May 2015

    Another backlog report here. Visited with @AndyK! and @Jamie_P in the pouring rain and as night was approaching, so the photos were a little difficult to process.  Quite a nice castle though, completely white on the outside with four massive turrets. Inside there isn't much left aside from some...
  12. SpiderMonkey

    Belgium "Little Miracles", Belgium - May 2015 (Graphic)

    I have held back on posting this place for quite a while, but it seems everyone knows about it now and all of the contents of these rooms has since been removed.  This one may be quite graphic or disturbing for some, and I understand that.  These were found inside a live university building...
  13. SpiderMonkey

    Black Turbines - April 2015

    This small hydroelectric power station originally powered the neighboring Crespi textiles factory that closed some time ago. Before we came here we were aware that the building was possibly alarmed, but determined to see the industrial deliciousness inside, we carried on.    On our approach...
  14. SpiderMonkey

    Maiden Law Mortuary, April 2016.

    Visited this one a year ago on the way to Scotland with @AndyK! The mortuary sits just on the edge of the Maiden Law hospital site, where there a few other derpy looking buildings and a live nursing home at the back of the site.  Not really a lot to say about this one. It's a pretty nice...
  15. SpiderMonkey

    France Château Bambi-May 16'

    These pics are awesome Jamie! Great report and trip :) good work :)
  16. SpiderMonkey

    France Chapelle des Pelotes - May '16

    Chapelle des Pelotes   Visited this one with @AndyK! and @Jamie_P. First location on our long and tiring France trip which involved around 38 hours of driving and forcing our eyes open, along with 7 hours of sleeping, Win! This chapel was part of an old seminary, which also looked great,but...
  17. SpiderMonkey

    France Chateau Secession May 16

    Some of the best pics i've seen from here. Lovely set buddy!
  18. SpiderMonkey

    Germany (Permission Visit) Schloss V a.ka. Piano Castle - May 2015

    On the second day of our three day Germany trip last year, we decided we'd hit this castle after seeing a few friends photos online. We were hoping to turn up and bump into someone and ask to take some photos, but it had turned out there was already a tour organised for some other photographers...