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  1. LottieExploresUK

    Great Britain Hoarders House, Oswestry April 21

    Came across this location around 6 months ago but didn't go until last week, it's a big house in the woods in the middle of nowhere! Great relaxed explore , couldn't believe the sheer amount of belongings in every inch of every room... the thing that got me the most (besides from the dead mouse...
  2. LottieExploresUK

    Great Britain Artists Farm Warrington 03/21

    Hi everyone 👋 so I came across this old small pig farm last year I visited and it was dark and rainy so I decided to go back earlier this month and have a better look. History: The farm named "Oaklegh Lodge" was built by the owners themselves Mr & Mrs Madden, he was retired and had a passion for...
  3. LottieExploresUK

    Great Britain "Blue House" North Wales 03/21

    Hey everyone, this is my first post so please let me know anything I've done wrong! This amazing time capsule house is frozen in time and has been abandoned for over 25 years... I don't have much history on the place other than its an old farmhouse that kept horses , items dated back to 1857...