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Search results

  1. The_Raw

    Great Britain Birmingham Repeater station - July 17

    Some nice details captured there mate
  2. The_Raw

    Republic of Ireland St Stanislaus College - July 2021

    Some very nice decay going on in there
  3. The_Raw

    Great Britain Newbury Manor Hotel, Newbury - August 2021

    There's some colourful decor going on in there o_O
  4. The_Raw

    Germany Villa Tapete (Jul 2019)

    That's cool. I'm sure @Urbexbandoned would appreciate the wallpaper collection in there!
  5. The_Raw

    Great Britain The Wellington Rooms, Liverpool - May 2021

    Good opportunity to see the details up close !
  6. The_Raw


  7. The_Raw

    Great Britain The Wellington Rooms, Liverpool - May 2021

    Thank you :) Thanks mate. It's not a bad little place Cheers. I spent quite a while in there
  8. The_Raw

    Great Britain St Edwards Wigan - Nov 20

    What an unusual looking church.
  9. The_Raw

    Germany Zeche N4 - Mar, 2021.

    Massive YES to this!
  10. The_Raw

    Great Britain W T Henley Deep Shelter - July 20

    Had a good night in there a few years back :)
  11. The_Raw

    Great Britain Horologists House - Coventry - July 19

    Some interesting looking stuff left in there
  12. The_Raw


    Shame it's in such a state and also to see all those cars going to waste
  13. The_Raw

    Great Britain The Wellington Rooms, Liverpool - May 2021

    It was sealed the first time I tried but circumstances had changed on my second visit thankfully. Shame they're leaving it to rot
  14. The_Raw

    Great Britain The Wellington Rooms, Liverpool - May 2021

    The Wellington Rooms, also known as the Irish Centre, is a Regency building in Liverpool. The Neo-classical building was designed by architect Edmund Aikin and built in 1816 as a subscription assembly room for the Wellington Club. It was originally used by high society for assemblies, dance...
  15. The_Raw

    Other Politička Škola Josip Broz Tito (Sept. 2021)

    Interesting place! I like the decaying cinema seats
  16. The_Raw

    Great Britain Crumlin Road Courthouse - July 2021

    Wow that's pretty battered but still quite photogenic inside
  17. The_Raw

    Great Britain Chesterfield Hotel - Oct 2020

    Pretty cool that. Especially the ballroom
  18. The_Raw

    Belgium Amicale Solvay, Charleroi , Belgium, November 2019

    Bloody hell that's looking a bit worse for wear these days!