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  1. DirtyJigsaw

    One Puddle Dock August 2016

    Hello! Been abit lazy with uploading explores so heres another one from 2016. Another rooftop (when it was much easier with less Youtube Goons) Anyways, noticed the scaffold up the side of the building, so after a late shift at work i headed into London for a solo explore. Small roof but the...
  2. DirtyJigsaw

    Great Britain Whitchurch Hospital Jan 2019

    Afternoon,  Thought id upload a report from my visit to Wales in jan just gone. It was a freezing cold day and we had left early hours to get there before the rest of the tourbus turned up :) Heres some history from googles... The population of Cardiff had expanded greatly, from under 20,000...
  3. DirtyJigsaw

    Hayward Gallery Rooftop June 2016

    All, Not sure if this should go in here as it was nearly 3 years ago now? Please feel free to move it if need be. At the time there was scaffold up at the building side as it was closed due to refurbishment. Some info from the internet: Hayward Gallery is one of the world’s leading...
  4. DirtyJigsaw

    Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital (Permission visit) Sept 2018

    Afternoon All,  Ive finally got around to putting up afew photos from my recent trip to New York, and on my second day there i visited the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital :) Heres some info/history, i wont post it all as on the Wiki page, there is alot of history, which you can see here if...
  5. DirtyJigsaw

    France Paris Metro Saint Martin 2018

    All,  Heres a quick report from another Paris Ghost Station i have now visited. Its one of the larger ghost stations and one of the most well known. Ive not been activley posting much as of late due to other commitments but i am out there exploring and got another big trip lined up this year...
  6. DirtyJigsaw

    Hudson River State Hospital March 17

    Afternoon All,  Here is another hospital i visited whilst in the States. Was about a 3.5 hour drive from where i was staying in Rhode Island so was up early for this one to make our way here. Once there, we parked up and was shocked to see how much more snow there was here than there was in RI...
  7. DirtyJigsaw

    Boston construction site, March 17

    No info on this one im afraid, i litrally got to Boston and met up with some friends for some dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe then started drinking, drunk way too much tbh, more than i intended as i was wanting to do a rooftop on the first night in the states, but by time i actually got away from...
  8. DirtyJigsaw

    Westborough State Hospital March 17

    Morning All, This report is very picture heavy i do apologise  I recently went over to America for the first time ever to meet up with some American contacts who had said in the past if i was ever over in the states, they would be more than happy to show me around :) So i upped and booked...
  9. DirtyJigsaw

    France Odeon Raccord - Paris - Jan 17

    Second night of our recent rip went better than the first, we had spent the afternoon in the Catas, got in an early evening rooftop in La Defense (ill post a report soon) and then got some photos in the Paris Metro Network, which was the main reason for the trip, everything else is just a bonus...
  10. DirtyJigsaw

    France Champ de Mars, Ghost station - Paris Jan 17

    Morning All,  Im just catching up with afew explores and i thought id start of with this. The plan was to get to this station via the tracks, but that did not happen on the first night, as me and @Pinkman were told to leave the station by some workers as the last train was at the platform (i...
  11. DirtyJigsaw

    France Arsenal Metro Ghost Station Sept 16

    Last September myself and Letchbo ventured to Paris to see if we could get a taste of the Abandoned Paris Metro stations. We had some info from Gabe (much appreciated) and we just had to go for it. During the day we walked the abandoned La Petite Cienture (another report for another time) and...
  12. DirtyJigsaw

    Prison 15H being knocked down

    Im sure some of you are already aware, but it seems that demo work is happening atm and when gone, they are building a bigger migrant prison in its place to be ready by 2020. http://www.lavoixdunord.fr/region/les-travaux-de-demolition-de-l-ancienne-prison-de-loos-ia21b49767n3673251 Sorry its...
  13. DirtyJigsaw

    France Prison 15H May 16

    Me again,  After a day trip to France and visiting Chateau Secession, we headed to ET Church, but it was not to be, so headed onto this place. I have been here afew times now, with each time the place being more thrashed. The travellers are still on site and you could clearly hear their loud...
  14. DirtyJigsaw

    France Chateau Secession May 16

    Evening All,  YES, its another report from this location ;) I thought id jump on the bandwagon as i had afew days off from work and didnt wanna spend it sitting at home. Just a day trip with this being the first of the day, got there just as the sun was rising :) On with some photos...
  15. DirtyJigsaw

    Great Britain Charing Cross Closed Platforms - Permission Visit - April 16

    Morning All, I was lucky enough to grab myself a ticket to attend a tour of the 2 closed platforms at Charing Cross station recently :) A little history: Until the Jubilee line was extended south of the Thames via the Millennium Dome to link with Stratford on the Central line, the Jubilee...
  16. DirtyJigsaw

    Belgium Holy Nurse Feb 16

    Morning,  Another report from my euro weekender in Feb. Didnt know wether to put this in Religious sites or Hospitals, lol. Quite enjoyed this place, in the middle of a busy town and visiting on a day where loads of tourists were out with there cameras, we had to get ourselves in 1 at a time...
  17. DirtyJigsaw

    Belgium The Little Green House Feb 16

    Afternoon all,  Hope you are all enjoying the Easter weekend :) This place was very dark inside and very hard to get some decent photos. No history at all either im afraid. We hit this on the second day of 3 (if i remember correctly)  And yes, we hit alot of residential locations on this...
  18. DirtyJigsaw

    Belgium Huize Godilieve Feb 16

    Morning all,  Ive been rather lazy editing photos from my Belgium trip, and i think this is only my 3rd report from 17 locations i visited.  This was our first location we hit on the first day, and never even got the details of location until we were getting on the Eurotunnel, as it was en...
  19. DirtyJigsaw

    Belgium Maison General P Feb 16

    Evening all,  This is another place i visited on a recent Belgium weekender, no history im afraid. I had seen photos of this place beforehand, and its crazy what was left behind. Even when inside exploring this house, it felt as if anyone would come home at any time. Im not really into...
  20. DirtyJigsaw

    Belgium Forgotten Church, Belgium - Feb 2016

    Morning all, I recently took a trip under the sea to Belgium for a 3 day weekend. We hit 17 locations over those 3 days, and this is the first report of many. This place was one i had wanted to see for some time, and it did not disappoint. No history im afraid, but what a beautiful church this...