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Search results

  1. Cozmic

    Over look - June 2015 (visited 2011)

    I was here first in 2011. Since then this place has had a large fire and a lot of vandals. Not sure where hotels should go. I like the irony of this, the name on the piano is in German and means mold.
  2. Cozmic

    A German ghost church in the Czech Republic

    Got the coordinates for this place. Its an old church closed since the early 60's, due to communism I believe. A local artist has made all these ghost that represent Germans praying before the war. Its is one of the more remote locations I have gone to, the roads to the village were just...
  3. Cozmic

    FDGW - March 2015

    Free German Trade Union Federation. Looks like this place was a small holiday camp for trade union members in the forma East Germany. Found this place early this month. Didn't look like much from outside but had quite a few good details shots inside. Beds were still made up!
  4. Cozmic

    Hotel S - Oct 2014

    This old hotel is epic, so much so these are from the second shoot last October. DSC_4952 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr DSC_4943 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr DSC_4919 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr DSC_4868 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr DSC_4841 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr I could have spent...
  5. Cozmic

    Chest hospital B - 2015

    Did this place a few weeks ago. Didn't look like much from outside, every window had those brown metal plates with holes. Found one that was loose and through the cellar. _COZ6244 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr _COZ6090 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr _COZ6118 by cozmicberliner, on Flickr...
  6. Cozmic

    Die Heilstätten - taken 2009 shared 2015

    This is my first post, so I thought I would post some images from my favorite location, which is now totally trashed. I have been here so many times, even used to spend quite some time in the beer garden after a shoot :) I hope the images go up ok. See more images here ;) Horror...
  7. Cozmic

    Gutten Tag

    Just saying hi from Germany. I have been on here for a while, but got side tracked, so didn't post. Nathan