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  1. dora_marquez_86

    theme park fit for a king, lancashire march 2014

    This has defo been my favourite explore to date! Not only was it my first day time explore but it was my first bust by security. And we thought we had found our first dead body (i was so scared)!! Everybody didn't get up, but the packed lunch was made so we loaded the car and went. Had a lovely...
  2. dora_marquez_86

    80's farm house,lancashire,march 2014

    :D Visited here after being thrown out by security over the road.LOL. was my first day time explore (shame about the weather),was a proper day out. couldn't believe how easy it was to find. P farm also known as the former home of MR Pym Honorary Consul For somewhere and his family. The...
  3. dora_marquez_86

    St mary's & st joseph's, coleshill, jan 2014

    Was heading over to the infamous James turner street for a good old gorp...must say we did have a giggle. We then went over to St Mary's and St joseph's care home in Coleshill. Yet again a moon lit visit and my compact cam which is dyer! Sorry guys I did my best. Father Hudson was the founder...
  4. dora_marquez_86

    Raf magna, november 2013

    RAF High Ercall This site known also as RAF magna was opened in 1940 by the military during the second world war. It was bombed in 1941 but escaped with minor damage. the site was used post war by the RAF for storage. Then eventually was taken over by RTITB MOTEC(Road Transport Industry...
  5. dora_marquez_86

    ROF Featherstone, wolverhampton, November 2013

    I used to live in featherstone as a child and remember this site well. We called it the Ministry and would play here for hours. sometimes bringing the police helicopter out.lol well enough about my history, heres some on ROF Featherstone: Royal Ordnance Factory Featherstone was filling factory...
  6. dora_marquez_86

    St georges asylum, stafford november 13

    our very first asylum and indeed first explore.we first visited the site near halloween time. Knowing full well the history of the high suicide rate here. like amateurs were scared off by banging and shouting.( it was a good spooky night non the less). we did find away in after our first visit...
  7. dora_marquez_86


    just thought i'd add to my previous report on sandwell by adding some colour shots of other areas we explored the basement found some cool stuff student toilets taken in the nursery toilets aww bless um more spooky basement wood workshop former classroom endless...
  8. dora_marquez_86

    Sandwell college, birmingham, jan 2014

    The Chance family started evening classes in 1846,science and art at their glassworks in Spon Lane for the benefit of their workers. In 1852 an education institute was formed which existed for almost twenty years. By 1885 Most classes were being run in the envening at the higher grade school in...