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  1. The Elusive

    Legends cave

    Lots of pictures here! I've always been partial to an underground space, the weirder the better! Sat in my research for many years was a place seldom seen. Armed with a vague idea I set off with Lucan on a hunt to see what we could find! Luckily it wasn't as difficult to find as expected! Most...
  2. The Elusive

    Pram Cottage

    Some of the most enjoyable places to visit for me are the old cottages that are always in the middle of nowhere,  This one is no exception..  Its pretty decayed which lately Ive really enjoyed capturing!  I think i did get a bit carried away with the pram and very distracted when i heard a...
  3. The Elusive

    Longbridge Bunker

    Certain parts of longbridge that were left look amazing from previous reports, before my time unfortunaltely but i was still determined to check out every nook and cranny around the area just in case we had missed something! Ive been up the area a handful of times over the last year and despite...
  4. The Elusive

    Air Raid shelter

    Lovely trip to see this place; I think its been a while since it was photographed.  Sometimes you often find yourselves questioning why we do the things we do… today was no exception. Migraines, hidden holes, rubble every where and bad air! not to mention the occasional squeeze Still had to...
  5. The Elusive

    Region 2 War room (Feb 15)

    Visited very recently this place will be gone in a matter of days I dare say, everything else that was standing on the site has gone; the brick air raid shelters in front of the bunker included! Having travelled pretty far from home to see something that has less in I was pretty surprised how...
  6. The Elusive

    Had a go too

    Nowt special but i decided to have a go too :) http://theelusiveuk.wordpress.com/
  7. The Elusive

    a Century of splores, (visited 2014)

    Bit of shameless self promotion; Managed to do 100 explores from birthday to birthday ( I think its coz someone told me its not possible! ) Ive seen some incredible things; so much variation and have a right laugh along the way, I thought I'd be a bit gay and include a few of my faves...
  8. The Elusive

    Temple of Doom, (Visited sept 14)

    Stumbled upon the research for this place earlier this year with a few conflicting bits of research took a bit of head scratching, Finally decided to swing by on the way home the other week and i wasnt dissappointed, Rumoured to be 17th, 18th or 19th century or older ?! was either carved for...
  9. The Elusive

    The olde pub, shropshire (visited August 14)

    Not much Information available about this place, awesome when you get lost and find a derp, seems to be happening alot these days :) full of cobwebs and nothing "placed" would indicate this as being a fresh find :) The lack of graff and signs of pikeyness was pretty impressive there was a...
  10. The Elusive

    Rin Tin Cottage (visited july 14)

    Driving through the country side on route, spotted something rather cute, so we stopped to check it out, once inside I was convinced ive seen this place before, the set up looks oh so familiar carried on regardless as you do havent managed to find any reports like ...weird! Visited with an non...
  11. The Elusive

    What was Chorley!

    So i went up north and fancied meself abit of underground arch porn.. as you do was absolutley gutted to ge tehre and find this... Sorry its a crappy phone pic, I was proper gutted!
  12. The Elusive

    "Tea- Leaf" Factory (visited 2014) Pic heavy

    Lovely evening explore this factory, full of contrasting ages building wise and some attempts of renovation have been made not to long ago, although I wouldnt want to guess when. With the original part of the factory built post war it has some extensions and some great features, parts of the...
  13. The Elusive

    Derp Windmill (Visited 2014)

    Originally I thought this was a random turret! spotted it on the ode GE months ago and was going past so I thought Id check it out. Access was creative and the place was serious derp. It wasnt until after I got back that I stumbled upon some info and turns out its way more interesting the...
  14. The Elusive

    Boat of Dreams (Visited 2014)

    Most people will know straight away the real name of this boat, I visited a local shop as a child and rememebered seeing the boat in the distance thinking it was in a field (i was 7) I never thought it was real just a chiildish dream lol. Soon as I figured it wasnt (In jan) I had to try to see...
  15. The Elusive

    Bomb store, (Visited June 14)

    This place has been on the list and put off again and again; obviosuly the tunnel sections have been sealed but the rest was accessible, Visted with Northern Geek and 2 other explorers... Background Following the apparent success of the design employed at Harpur Hill in Derbyshire, the air...
  16. The Elusive

    Graff pool,

    I dont have much information on this place; Im not even sure of where it is exactly, or how long its been closed for! Great explore, lots of fun there were um a big group of other people on site and the strongest smell of spray paint, tee hee and wee... still a cool place to have the good...
  17. The Elusive

    Undergorund temple, somehwere in the UK, (Visited 14)

    This place is truly unique, easily few hundred years old and not the biggest of places but is certainly has the most contrasting spaces I've ever seen! Pictures really dont do this place any justice and boy is it a bitch to photograph, anyway less chat more show... Massive thanks to Bango for...
  18. The Elusive

    Book keepers cottage, Visited May 14

    Little to No information on this place; Middle of nowhere looks to have left for quite a while, has a really cute contrast of stuff littered about the place, nice little wander! calendar suggest may have been abandoned from around 1996. Took Bango and another non-member was full of stuff to...
  19. The Elusive

    Purple,purple pi-an-o, (Visited 2014)

    Just come across this place decided to go swing by, not very big was epic to find a piano, this ones a bit special! Place was asbestos ridden; with the sound of rushing water coming from the inside of a wall in the far end of the building apologies for the photos i left my tripod in the car ...
  20. The Elusive

    Williamsons' crazyness, permissioned revisit (April 2014)

    Despite already doing a report 6 months ago the volunteers have worked so hard the site has changed, more dramtically in the paddington site but armed with a better camera and some very patient volunteers i was able to do this place better justice. The history for williamson is long and muddy...