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Search results

  1. Marco Bontenbal

    An Island full of creepy dolls

    Did you ever went to an Island full of creepy dolls??? NO??? Let me take you with you! On my holiday in December 2017 to Mexico I heard about this place so I had to go. There is no holiday without finding some decayed stuff! The story goes as followed: The guy who lives on this Island found a...
  2. Marco Bontenbal

    lost plane, january 2015

    Hi dudes! A very nice place to explore.... I really love to see those airplanes!! Happy exploring !!! and please let me know if you like it... !! See ya soon! Marco
  3. Marco Bontenbal

    [Luxembourg] Maison Kirsch, january 2015

    Hi explorers, One of the most surprising locations I have been was Maison Kirsch in Luxembourg... It is already a quite old urbex location, but we gave it a try begin 2015 ... And it was actually a very nice fun location! Still a lot of details and not very much was trashed...
  4. Marco Bontenbal

    Zeche P - 2015

    Hi crazy fellow urbex people, I've been 2 times at this location. The first time was already almost dark and we thought there was no entrance anymore... All the windows were closed and sealed... But we didn't look good because later we heard were the opening was. And I really wanted to capture...
  5. Marco Bontenbal

    Alloaa!! Hollandia to earth!

    Hi to all explorers!, Happy to be here and to show you my experiences to you guys / girls! Just a quick introduction... My name is Marco and I am from The Netherlands.. I started with exploring like a year and a half ago and get hooked up with it very fast... I am trying to explore as many as...
  6. Marco Bontenbal

    Chateau sous les nuages 2015

    Hi, This will be my first post on this forum. I am already for quite some time on the facebook page, but I wanted to post some on the forum, because this is where the forum is for ) Begin this year I did a trip to Belgium / Luxembourg / France / Germany ... It was a hell of a trip! So many...